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Why is New Jersey Great for Remote Workers?

New Jersey has always been the burn of jokes from New Yorkers and Philadelphians, but the tables are turned when it comes to the remote work world. Suppose you are a remote worker who loves to enjoy the beautiful Jersey Shore beaches or want to experience the big-city life on the cheap. In that case, New Jersey offers tons of remote work opportunities!

Whether you are a remote nomad worker or someone thinking of switching to remote working, New Jersey is one of the best places to live and work remotely. Continue to read this article till the end if you are curious about remote working in New Jersey!

What is Remote Work? Why it's Trending?

Remote working is a work style that enables professionals to work outside a traditional office environment. Instead of going to an office every day to work from an assigned schedule, remote workers can execute their ventures or jobs from any workplace they love. Remote working has shattered the glass that to perform a job successfully; it needs to be done in a specific place.

According to a report presented by Glassdoor using their pursuit of employment information survey from June 2019 to June 2021, there's a 360% increment in the number of searches for remote workers.

The pandemic has indeed changed the perspective of on-site or office-based work. Now the recruiters have a higher acceptance for remote working. Even though the pandemic limitations are slowly lifting off across the globe, job recruiters and job searchers continue to prefer remote working.

According to an article published by NJ Cambridge, where they interviewed different N.J. business executives about whether they prefer a full-time office environment, a hybrid work environment, or a full-time remote working - they all indicated a partially hybrid working environment.

Why New Jersey (N.J.)?

While the bright lights, casinos, and Jersey shore beaches are enough to tempt anyone to come and live here for a while, there's more to the picture. In addition to its historic landmarks and beautiful sightings, New Jersey’s economic conditions are fantastic.

In 2019 October, New Jersey was ranked 8th in the United States regarding GDP with an annual GDP of $624.9 billion. With this kind of GDP, if New Jersey is assumed as a country, it would rank as the 21st largest economy of the world between Taiwan and Switzerland. The Jersey shore has 20 Fortune 500 and 9 Fortune 100 companies when it comes to the Fortune companies.

Another interesting fact about New Jersey that makes it an excellent place for remote workers or any job searcher is its unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Jersey is 3.8% as of Feb. 2020, above the national average of 3.5%. Most of the top industries working in New Jersey are Pharmaceuticals, financial services, advanced manufacturing, tech, and transport and logistics.

When it comes to the average mean wages in New Jersey for all occupations, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a $28.84 per hour or $59,980 annually.

Undoubtedly some of the largest and most successful companies of the U.S. are operating in New Jersey; the state is also a home for over 860,000 small businesses. About 99.6% of all of the state’s businesses are compromised in Mew Jersey, with 1.8 million employees.

While the Government is still considering bringing incentives for businesses that offer remote working, it provides tons of promising opportunities for remote workers. Also, the state provides some of the most generous incentives for small businesses in the U.S.

There is a 2% cap on direct business loans on working capital or assets, which reduces the financing cost for small business owners. Moreover, when small businesses give access to their employee to pre-tax public transit tickets, angel investor tax credits, and high-tech tax credits, they can also enjoy tax credits.

Remote-enabled Companies & Co-working Spaces in New Jersey

Many progressive and large companies operating in New Jersey understand the importance of remote working and implemented remote work arrangements to recruit the top talent inside and outside New Jersey.

We have put together the list of some of New Jersey’s top remote-enabled firms:

  • Zoetis Inc.

  • Merck & Co.

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

  • Quest Diagnostics Incorporated

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions

To facilitate the Remote workers, the New Jersey city also offers some of the best-facilitated co-working spaces. These co-working spaces are designed to minimize the stunning beaches, pro sports, and other entertainment distractions. To maximize productivity, these co-working centers provide low-cost office space or desks, super-fast internet, along all the amenities required by startups, entrepreneurs, virtual workers.

Some of the top-notch coworking facilities in New Jersey are:

What Are the Benefits of Remote Work in N.J.?

Reduced Commute Time.

Adding extra hours to our routine is the commute time to and from the workplace—being an employee, you have to include your commute time in your everyday schedule. However, remote working and other telecommuting jobs relieve you of traveling to and fro the workplace. You can efficiently work from anywhere from your home to a cafe or even when traveling on a bus.

More Independence.

In comparison to traditional employees, remote workers have more independence regarding their work. They can set their schedule, work from anywhere, have more control over the execution of the tasks, and are free from office confinement.

Work-Life Balance:

Unlike the traditional workers, a remote worker has a better chance at creating an optimal work-life balance. They can have realistic opportunities to have fun and enjoy various activities. They can travel to any corner of the world at their convenience, without affecting their work-life.


Remote working is an advantage, and many individuals are glad to be remote workers. But things get more interesting for remote workers when they come to New Jersey. Don't take it from us, but look at the statistics, and we are sure it will blow your mind. And suppose you already know the remote working statistics in New Jersey. What's stopping you from booking a ticket and getting to Jersey city?

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