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Travel-friendly Pet Carriers (For Cats and Dogs)

Pet carriers, sometimes called "crates," are required for dogs and cats traveling in planes. That makes sense, but this is not just any carrier we're discussing. There are strict rules for your pet's "home away from home" while traveling. Consequently, choosing the ideal carrier for your beloved companion is one of the most crucial parts of organizing his journey.

Should I bring my dog on a road trip? Of course, yes. The moment has come to select a suitable pet carrier so you may take your four-legged buddy on vacation with the arrival of summer. A summer road trip with a dog is fantastic. Buy one specifically made for your cat or small dog if you want to ensure the animal's safety and comfort during the dog-friendly road trip.

Features of a Good Pet Carrier

A pet carrier can be helpful on numerous occasions, like traveling with dogs in a car long distance, airline, or train, going to the veterinarian from home, going out to dinner with friends, etc. Given the large selection, choosing the right one for your loyal buddy can be challenging, but you can keep certain fundamental factors in mind as you prepare to buy.

Pet carriers are often made with mobility and safety regardless of brand or model. However, it depends on your pet size, personal preferences, and how you want to use the carrier.

Several examples are as follows:

  • A closed door and sizable viewing panels are features of hard carriers, which are robust and simple to clean plastic casings.

  • Smaller pets do well in soft carriers. Soft carriers frequently have flexible shoulder straps, a door panel with zip closure, and mesh windows.

  • When racing through the airport or along a busy sidewalk, your pet can travel more steadily in wheeled carriers made of fabric or plastic.

  • For pet owners who enjoy hiking or walking to work, backpacks with leg openings can be a great option.

  • For more nervous animals, front-facing wearable carriers are a calming alternative that, like an infant carrier, cradles your pet comfortably against you while freeing up your hands.

Ideal pet carrier size for small pets

Giving the cat or dog the proper area where he can find the comfort of home and his kennel will ensure that the journey is as enjoyable for him as it is for you.

The size of the pet carrier is the most crucial consideration. The container shouldn't be too small because the animal could have to spend a lot of time there. Because of this, the pet carrier's size must be in direct proportion to its contents; that is, it must be large enough to allow the animal to walk around freely, sit comfortably, and lie down without being too huge because "too much."

Jet Pet Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats

We advise you to look into the Jet versions by Ferplast if you're seeking a pet carrier for cats or small dogs. This new line of pet carriers comes in two sizes and was created especially for little pets: Jet 10, which is 47 x 32 x 29 cm in size, has a maximum weight capacity of 5 kg, whereas Jet 20, which is 37 x 57 x 33 cm, has a maximum weight capacity of 8 kg.

Jet is entirely constructed of plastic, has a distinctive circular shape, and has sizable ventilation grids. It is a sturdy type with sturdy side hooks and safety hooks that let you keep the front door completely closed and prevent unintentional openings. It may be quickly put together and taken apart for easier cleaning and maintenance.

You can choose from various color schemes, including anthracite grey adorned with inserts and embellishments in vibrant hues like fuchsia, yellow, taupe, and orange.

The Best Pet Carriers for Travel

Here are the best pet carriers we found:

  1. Wild One Air Travel Carrier

  2. Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

  3. Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

  4. PetAmi Backpack Dog and Cat Carrier

  5. Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier

For the Fashion-Forward: Wild One Air Travel Carrier

The Wild One's Air Travel Carrier is one of the most elegant and sophisticated pet carriers. It is made for dog-friendly road trips west coast. The carrier has a sleek and contemporary duffel style and comes in a garden-fresh green, an easy-to-match garden-fresh green, or tan.

Mesh panels to keep pets calm and a shoulder strap serving as a leash are just two of the considerate features of this small bag. When you arrive at your destination, you can also unfold the inside cushion into a dog bed and open the carrier into a canopy. There are also numerous pockets and pouches to store everything from snacks and drinks to your passport and telephone.

The Air Travel Carrier's only drawback is that it can only accommodate dogs weighing up to 16 pounds. Although it is a dog carrier in name only, most cats' family members can fit comfortably in it due to its smaller size.

For Jet-Set Pets: Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

The Petmate Sky Kennel is designed to soar through the friendly skies, as its name suggests. It is a practical choice for both large and small pets because it is available in six sizes. This carrier is an excellent choice for long flights when you can't or don't want to keep your pet beneath your seat because of its enhanced safety and comfort.

The Sky Kennel is composed of sturdy plastic that complies with federal and airline safety regulations for safe transportation. It also includes "Live Animal" identifying stickers, clip-on water and feeding bowls, and a mechanism that lessens sliding and shifting while in transit.

For Day Trippers: Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

The Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier is our pick for the best standard carrier since it is both lightweight and well-ventilated and can be used for domestic and international travel.

The Sherpa may be carried by hand or with a removable shoulder strap and is offered in two timeless hues. The carrier can fit in small locations, including underneath your flight seat, thanks to its flexible construction. It contains numerous tiny pockets and pouches to store food, toys, and other items and top- and side-loading choices. Your pet(cat or dog) is kept warm and comfortable by a faux lambskin liner that is removable for simple washing.

There are three sizes and matching maximum weight limitations for the carrier. The short version can carry up to eight pounds of cats or dogs, while the medium size can handle up to sixteen pounds. A pet weighing 17 to 22 pounds in the large carrier will fit.

For Outdoor Enthusiasts: PetAmi Backpack Dog and Cat Carrier

PetAmi's backpack carrier can be something to think about if you hike frequently or go to the park or beach often. The carrier helps keep you comfortable and free from muscle strain while giving your dog or cat (up to 18 pounds) a supportive place to rest. It has padded shoulder and back straps and waist and chest buckles.

Where to stop with a dog on a road trip? Anywhere with pet carriers. You may customize your carrier to your style thanks to the assortment of colors available for the PetAmi Backpack Dog and Cat Carrier. A mesh window allows your pet to see outside while keeping cool.

For Anxious Animals: Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier

By blocking off external stimuli, the Sleepypod carrier gives frightened pets a sense of being in a cave. The Sleepypod entirely closes up, whereas most carriers include window panels. This creates a dark atmosphere that promotes safety and better sleep for animals. The carrier contains a plush interior cushion machine washable to further calm your cat or dog. The Sleepypod is sturdy but portable and can be compressed to fit under airplane seats.

The carrier has a padded shoulder strap for your convenience. The fact that it resembles a typical carry-on bag and is available in various colors makes it simpler to match with other pieces of luggage.


What do I need for a road trip with my dog?

I need Sufficient food and water for a road trip with my dog.

Are dogs OK on long road trips?

Yes, dogs are OK on long road trips. Dogs enjoy car rides because they mimic some of the joyful feelings associated with hunting.

How long can a dog go on a road trip?

Adult dogs can typically travel for three to four hours without stopping. However, they have less bladder control than older dogs and younger puppies, so they could require a break every hour.

Are road trips stressful for dogs?

Yes, dogs can become stressed and behave in unsafe ways, such as hanging out the window or jumping into your lap while driving down the highway.

How can I travel with my dog across the US?

I can travel with my dog on planes across the US.

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