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Top Pet-Friendly Attractions in Illinois

Chicago is a hub of dreams and has been built in a way that compliments this feeling. The city plans not only included residential or commercial areas but offer a number of refreshing parks to its dwellers. Guess what, there are many attractions in the city that make Illinois famous. As a pet owner, you have to be always vigilant about the free pet-friendly sites because taking your friendly canine, on the vacation, is a big deal. However, often it is hard to find a site that not only creates inspiration, a sense of adventure but also makes the whole trip a lot more fun for your four-legged loved one.

Lucky for you, Illinois has an amazing array of pet-friendly options located in the heart of the city that offers a great opportunity to relax with your canine friends. As a matter of fact, the Illinois office of Tourism has shared a list of several pet-friendly rentals throughout town.

These locations are not only free but they are a perfect place for your pet dog or cats to take a stroll or break all hell in the sand on a beach. You cannot have enough fun if you are forced to leave your four-legged friends behind.

So, bring them along because in this blog we are going to talk about some of the most amazing dog-friendly or cat-friendly places to visit. So, without further ado, let's dig right into it.

Rim Rock Recreation

It is located at Junction, Illinois, and is one of the most amazing pet-friendly Illinois attractions. While you can search for a nearby fenced dog park for your leashed pets, there is no parallel for Rim Rock Recreations. It showcases nature with its full splendor. You can take your pet along with you on the trail and explore the beautiful and huge rock formations that are quite famous in this region.

Go for Seadog Cruises

This is from Chicago, Illinois where you get to experience the diversity of this place from an absolutely different perspective. To enjoy this to the fullest don't forget to prebook a fast speedboat that can add to the excitement of this tour. This Cruise is not only dog-friendly but welcomes other pets as well.

Navy Pier & Lakefront

If you have ever been to Chicago or are living there for decades, you must be well aware of the parks that run along Lake Michigan. It is simply majestic and makes one long for renting a house and spending some quality time there with your pet friend.

The Lakefront trail is about 18 miles long and connects with other popular beaches, parks, and vibrant neighborhoods. Some of the well-known attractions include Buckingham Fountain, Soldier Field, and Navy Pier. It gives an out-of-the-world experience and makes everything surreal. However, like many places of dog-friendly beaches, you must not let go of the leash, because it is for their own safety.

You need to be aware that pets are not allowed on the sand at the beach but you can always take your leashed dogs and other animals for a walk down the passageway, connecting Michigan Avenue and Lakefront Trail.

Lincoln Park

When you move a little further up from the Lakefront Trail, you can explore the most popular outdoor space in Chicago, the Lincoln Park. In this park, you will find hiking trails to explore with your dog or other pets. There is also a zoo but you will find the no dogs sign here. Although there is ample space to spread out the picnic blanket and cherish the time outdoors with your furry friends.

Pride of Fox Riverfest

This is something that the locals eagerly wait for and has endless things to offer, so you can have the best time of your life with the four-legged bestie. There are craft venues, boat racing, and dog shows (of highly trained dogs). This can be considered one of the best local dog-friendly places.

Well, the best thing is that all the animals are allowed inside so you don't have to feel restrictive about anything. The space is absolutely amazing, pup-friendly and there are great restaurant food options as well. Your pooch can play and have lots of fun while you can eat and relax. It's Illinois Chicago's favorite pet-friendly spot.

The Montrose Beach

If you were looking for dog beach options, then look no further because your leashed canine friends can accompany you to Montrose Dog Beach. Even though dogs are allowed here, before you make your trip there, you will have to get a Dog-Friendly Area (DFA) tag for your pup. These tags can be obtained by participating in the Chicagoland veterinary offices. This is something that is required by all the dogs, using the facility of dog beaches or parks locally.

State Historic Site

It is in Galesburg, Illinois, and is known as the Carl Sandberg State Historic Park offers a wide variety of things to indulge in. You can enjoy good restaurants, exotic food, live barn performances or visit the museum shops, your dogs are welcome everywhere at this location.

The Rock State Park

This is located in the LaSalle County and you can easily enjoy a fun day with your pets at the Starved Rock State park. There are steep canyons, majestic waterfalls and wooded trails. If you are someone who always crave for leisurely and quiet adventures, you can always visit the Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden in the Rockford area.

Bone a Pet Treat

This is a fun and exciting place in Illinois, Chicago and you can easily find many dog treats and organic or natural dog food here. There are many healthy options that would suit your pooch, even if it has stomach sensitivity. Their gourmet cakes certainly look like a classical treat for your furry friends.

Word of Advice!

If you are looking for travel groups, before starting your tour around Illinois, it would be intuitive to sign in with Facebook and connect with a reliable travel group. Alternatively, you can sign up with a paid service or website that shares insights about pet-friendly locations. Another option is to go the organic way where you can search for all the available options yourself. It does sound a bit old-school but it works because you can gather many ideas from Facebook or other social networking platforms.

It is worthwhile to check the list of restaurants that you plan to visit, make sure that they display the dog-friendly or pet-friendly sign. However, now that you know quite a few options, you have to leash up, visit Illinois and have fun.

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