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Top 10 Dog-friendly Swimming pool in Philadelphia

It's well known that summers in Philadelphia can be savagely hot and muggy. It can be difficult to locate a spot to cool off outside. Public swimming pools aren't everyone's cup of tea, and dogs are often not permitted near them.

Philadelphians should know that there are dog-friendly beachfront in charming villages that will blow their breath away just 2 hours away!

We invite you and your furry friend to play on one of their highly associated beaches because it is close enough to a day trip and offers pleasant seaside breezes and an ocean swim.

Whenever the dog days of summer arrive, a cool dip in a lake or pool is just what your animal buddy needs to cheer up. Dogs run and plunge into creeks or learn to swim in designated doggie pools.

Even playing fetch on the water's edge could be fun for pets. The Philadelphia region has a few fantastic places to take that dog swimming, regardless of whether there is a heat wave or a snowstorm.

1-Swimming at Wadsworth Manor Pet Resort

Your dog's safety and comfort are prioritized when designing the indoor dog pool at Wadsworth Manor Pet Resort. Even the smallest dog may easily enter the pool thanks to the wide steps that span its entire width.

We can meet your pet's specific requirements, whether they merely need to get their feet wet or want to splash and swim in the deeper water.

2-703 North Lloyd Avenue, Lloyd Park

This 30-acre unauthorized dog park receives four feet up for its dog area and wide creek, even though it isn't a designated dog park. It provides lots of space for you to let your dog run about, play with other dogs, and take a cool dip in the creek.

Just remember to wear boots because the steep sides of the creek can become quite muddy. The dog park is naturally divided from the children's play areas by forsythia, and a path that leads to ancient, abandoned barns is a wonderful place for dogs to run free.

At the park's entrance, there are bags provided for dog waste. Keep an eye out for trash, broken glass, and rapid currents.

3-Wayne, Harford Park 260 Gulph Creek Rd.

There is a sizable, specifically designed off-leash dog park section at Wayne's Harford Park. Although Harford Park's creek is not as deep as Lloyd Park's, it offers plenty of possibilities for smaller dogs to swim safely.

Even large dogs can go down the embankment, dive into the creek, and play around as much as they like. Your adventurous acquaintance can spend hours exploring the park's lush fields and adjacent woods in addition to swimming there.

4-Malvern, Pennsylvania wags worth Manor Pet Resort

Its Price is $25 for a 30-minute group swim or $35 for a 30-minute individual swim per dog. Finding an indoor pool option can be your best chance on chilly or stormy days. Malvern's Wags worth Pet Manor has an unrivaled selection of puppies. For individual dogs or canine parties, call in advance to schedule swim time, which is sold in 30-minute increments.

The pool is big enough for dogs to exercise vigorously, and the wide steps make it safe and simple to get out of the pool. Owners can unwind and observe while the staff handles every step of the swim procedure, including pre-brushing, post-rinsing, and towel drying. There are dog safety jackets available for novice swimmers.

5-1802 Karakung Fit For A Dog

It costs $25 for 30 minutes, $10 for each extra dog, and $55 for 30-minute non-rehab swimming with staff. The family-run canine wellness facility Fit For A Dog in Ardmore has an 8 by 16-foot heated indoor pool with private swim time and a separate underwater treadmills system.

Even though the pool is less than Wagsworth's, owners are nevertheless permitted to swim alongside their animals. In addition to towels, a rinse station, and swimsuits for doggie paddlers, swimming birthday parties are also offered.

Take advantage of different fitness and health alternatives here, such as mild rehab and weight loss programs, since Fit is focused on dog wellness.

6-Philly's Wag Whole Animal Gym

It costs $75 for the first visit with a treadmill swim session, $35 for a 30-minute swim, and $297.50 for a 10-visit pass. In appreciation, a man's best friend will kiss your face after swimming at Philadelphia's first veterinary rehabilitation facility.

Reflexology, private gym time, and laser and ultrasound therapies are all available at Wag Whole Animal Gym. The facility's 30-minute swimming sessions are the best, though. Depending on their comfort level, dogs can swim in varied water depths during sessions that include an aquatic treadmill and water jets.

This supervised swimming time is great for elderly dogs who can no longer handle running around with young puppies.

7-Dog Beach in Longport

Only approximately 40 miles separate Egg Harbour, New Jersey, from Philadelphia in this canine's heaven. Well-behaved dogs are allowed on the entire beach without a leash, where they are available to roam and swim!

This vast beach is the ideal paradise for dogs as there is so much to sniff and discover there! Bring baggies, and don't leave anything behind.

8-Asbury Park's Eighth Avenue Dog Beach

The Eighth Avenue Dog Beach, where leashes are not required, is the dog's favorite place to hang out in New Jersey. A dog lover's heart will be warmed by puppies playing in the waves and running on the sand.

Being courteous and well-behaved and collecting Fido's "donations" in the provided bags are important. This is a must-do visit. It stays open all day in the off-season. In summer, the opening hours are from 6 pm to 8:30 am.

9- Beaches in Beach Haven

There are several seasonal dog-friendly beaches down and up both sides of Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic in the community of Beach Haven on Long Beach Island.

Leashed dogs are permitted on all Beach Haven beaches from October 1 to April 15; however, pups are not permitted on any Beach Haven beach from May 15 to September 15! Note that swimming spots alter depending on the state of the water.

10- Area of Conservation for Fishermen's Cove

Dogs must be kept on a leash and are only permitted at the eastern end of this river beachfront in Manasquan, New Jersey. Not to worry, both humans and puppies can have fun! At Fisherman's Cove, visitors can enjoy swimming in the water, searching the sand for buried objects, and strolling along the shore.

A benefit is that a wooded area surrounds the beach with pathways where you and Fido may search for animals. It's ideal, whether it's winter or summer!

11- Dog Beach in Wildwood

If you and Fido are looking for warm water for splashing and sand-covered paws, Wildwood Dog Beach seems pawrfect! Your leashed dog will have a blast at this location, which is open between 6 am to sundown every day, all year round.

Take a stroll down the two-block-long beach. And relax in the sun on the sand, and let your pooch dunk paws in the sea. There are waste bags and containers, fresh water, and a large sculpture of a fire hydrant at the entrance!


Your dog will benefit greatly from swimming in addition to having fun. Your dog has to work much harder to swim against the resistance of the water than he does to run or walk on land.

While training the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, he will demonstrate increased muscular strength and tone without the negative effects of percussive exercise on land and the potential harm that it may bring.

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