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Tips for Renting a Vacation Home With a Pet

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Are you planning a family trip this August and taking your pup along? If yes, then renting a pet-friendly vacation rental home is a perfect choice.

Traveling with pets is all fun and exciting until you are turned away from a lodge when they see your dog. That's where a pets-friendly cabin comes in handy! But let's face it. Renting a cabin that welcomes your pet and is fully equipped with the facilities requires a great deal of research and time.

Well, you don't have to worry about that at all. Here are some things that will help dog pet owners to rent pet-friendly rentals for their trip.

Talk With Owners

Whether you prefer to rent the vacation homes head-on or reserve in advance, contacting their pet policies beforehand is always best. Many pet-friendly vacation rentals, though welcome dogs, don't mention the policies on their website. Besides, even the cabin is dog friendly; each owner has their own set of rules for having a dog on their property. Therefore don't hesitate to discuss the pet policy of all the shortlisted properties.

Search With "Pet-Friendly" Filters:

One clever way to find pet-friendly vacation rental properties or hotels is to browse using the 'pet-friendly filter.' This search filter will allow you to narrow down all the websites like vrbo with pet-friendly vacation cabins listings. Why waste your time wading through vacation properties companies that don't let your furry buddy stay with you.

With this filter, you can easily narrow down the search. You can explore using your travel destination/city, type of pet animals (cats or dog) allowed, number of pets, services provided, furniture, etc. Another good filter to find friendly cabins that allow pets is to look using your pet breeds. It is because many pets allowed in rental guests' houses have restrictions for specific breeds.

Factor In Rent & The Fees:

One of the most important things to look for when renting a vacation home with a pet is the total 'rent.' Why? Some vacation guest houses charge an additional fee or substantial pet deposit to host pet animals. Each host has different rules. Some may also provide a short-term pet insurance policy option. Unlike the substantial deposit, the insurance is not refunded but affordable. It's always better to sign up for pet insurance, especially if the property owner provides free pet essentials like treats, toys, leash, pet pool, or separate pet bed.

Book your stay with puppads pet vacation rental accommodations - a place where pets are cherished! We provide affordable, fully facilitated, clean, and nearby pet-friendly destinations without charging any pet insurance or fee!

Read The Reviews:

Every good vacation rental company that allows pets to stay lets their guests leave a review about their experience. Swoop through the reviews and read them carefully. It will help you know about the service quality, additional fees, and overall ease or difficulty staying at the vacation house.

Check The Designated Dog Waste Areas:

When deciding which cabin to share with your fur friends, always ask about the pet-designated bathroom locations. Usually, the websites cover such things in their policies, but it's still better to check. Besides, it's always better to keep up some extra poop bags and cleaning solutions if your puppy decides to leave a trail somewhere other than the designated area.

Ask About The Other Fur Neighbours:

Every dog parent knows that usually, dogs don't get along with other dogs! So it is wise to ask the vacation rental property owners about other non-human guests or neighbors. This is especially helpful if you rent a stay or the lodgings next to the property where the owner stays.

Check For Nearby Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Fenced Parks, and Beaches:

If you are taking your pup with you on vacation, you'd want to enjoy the time as well. Therefore, when reserving hotels or rental homes, look for the best places that welcome dogs near the property. Always book lodging with a fenced yard, dog-friendly beach, or dog park in the neighborhood. For someone who likes to visit the beach at night, look for a rental home for vacations with beaches nearby that welcome dogs at night.

Share The Love!

Animals are compassionate beings. Therefore it is essential to provide full comfort, love, and joy when taking them on vacation. Many things can help you find the best vacation rental accommodation that welcomes a dog or cat. However, the recommendations mentioned above are tried and tested by many dog owners. Have you ever rented a dog-friendly rental lodging before? What was your experience? Which things helped you pick the best listing for your pup? Please share your experience or any suggestions in the comments section on the blog. We'd love to hear from you!

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