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This Fall, Fall in Love With Wildwood Pet-friendly Beaches!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Going to the beach in the warm weather with your dog can be pretty tricky. Many beaches around the US have restricted timings for dogs, especially in the summer holiday season. While there are still restrictions in the fall, you'll have more freedom when taking your pet to a beach.

There are many pet-friendly beaches in New Jersey that you can visit in the fall. The best thing is that many of these beaches don't have limited timings for pets. Now you won't have to worry about taking your dog to the beach when it gets dark!

If you live around New Jersey or are visiting for vacation in the off-season, you can visit several dog beaches. Many of these dog beaches are also considered dog parks, and they have ample space for your dog to exercise.

Many pet owners who live in the city center have problems when it comes to giving enough room for their pets to play. Fortunately, if you visit an excellent dog beach, your do will have the freedom to play at will.

Here are some of the most popular Jersey dog-friendly beaches:

If you plan to go with your dog to a beach this fall, then the Wildwood dog park and beach is the best place to visit. It is open for dogs from October to May, which includes most of the fall season. Wildwood beaches are some of the safest beaches in the north end of New Jersey, making it the ideal location for taking your dog.

It is indeed a beautiful beach in New Jersey! They have the sunset beach festival at the beach, including music, food, and lots of family-friendly activities. While only leashed dogs are allowed in many areas, there is still plenty of room for your dog to explore. Wildwood beach is also a famous swimming beach, making it the ideal location to experience the Jersey shore.

If you are looking for a pet-friendly vacation rental property in North end beach, visit here to reserve your stay at our Beach Bungalow!

The best thing about the North Wildwood dog beach is a nearby dog park that dog owners can visit. Besides, you can enjoy the local food and experience the fun Jersey City lifestyle with your pet during your stay.

Longport Dog Beach

Longport Beach is another excellent place to take your dogs in the fall. It is the best Somers Point dog beach. Though smaller, pet-owners can frequently visit this beach. Unlike other New Jersey beaches that allow only leashed dogs, Longport Dog Beach allows your furry friends to run freely, provided you clean up after them. You can visit this beach year-round and enjoy watching your dogs play in the beautiful sand dunes. What's interesting is that you can enjoy fishing at the Ocean drive bridge, Longport. If you want to experience the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean with your dog, then this is the place to go.

Asbury Park Dog-Friendly Beach

The Asbury Park area is also known for its pet-friendly beach. If you are looking for a beach haven for your dog, then this is it. This beach is open all year round, but you will have to take your dog for walks early morning in the busy season. You won't have to worry about keeping them on a leash if you are visiting this beach other than the summer season. Just make sure that they are well behaved!

Fisherman's Cove Conservation Area

Of all the bayside beaches, this one is one of the best dog-friendly beaches. While the beach is open to dogs year-round, they can only visit the eastern side. There are no specific dog hours on this beach, unlike most popular spots. However, keep your dog on a leash at all times because of the delicate coastal habitat in this area.

Sandy Hook Beach

Yet another popular place to visit with your dog is the sandy beach area with pet owners. If you are looking for oceanside beaches that accommodate pets, then this is it. While the Gateway National Recreation Area is dog-free in the busy season, the sandy hook unit allows dogs. This makes it one of Jersey's best bayside beaches to visit during fall or any other season.

Island Beach State Park

The Island beach state park is another pet-friendly beach in New Jersey. You can't take your dog off-leash here, and it is closed for dogs from Memorial Day to October. You can visit this dog-friendly spot year-round so long as your dog is on a six feet leash. If you love to take a dip with your four-footed pal, then City recommends swimming with a lifeguard present at the bay. Inside the park, freshwater is available.

Stone Harbor Beach

The Stone Harbor area is a famous avenue dog beach in New Jersey. Dogs are allowed all day in the off-season, like Seaside Park, Plum Island, and other beaches. There's free parking as well, which enables you to visit regularly with your pet.

Make sure your pets are well-behaved.

Whether you are visiting a beach in the off-peak or not, it's essential to ensure that your dogs are well behaved. If there's a requirement for a leash, then make sure you have one. The last thing you want is to spoil the day for your pet when there are so exciting facilities available!

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