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The Most Pet-Friendly Locations in the US

If you are a pup parent (or a kittie parent), you know the pain of trying to locate fun places to hang out with your furry family. For those either located in the United States or are planning a trip, we share a list of pet-friendly parks that are great for a fun vacation with your pet.

You must remember a couple of restrictions even in the parks that welcome pets, including keeping your pet on a 6-foot or shorter leash and having proper waste disposal for your pet. Some parks may not allow pets inside the buildings, and for obvious reasons, your pets cannot be left alone inside the car.

Visit Maine? Go for Acadia National Park

This park is located at the Maine coast and has been a popular pet-friendly park in the country. The park hosts expansive 120 miles of hiking trails and around 45 miles covering for carriage roads inside the park. Some tracks may also require climbing with ladders or iron rungs, but you can skip those if you are with your pets.

(Credit: Toshio Kishiyama/Getty)

Acadia welcomes dogs in almost all the public spots, but there are a few restricted areas, including the Wild Gardens of Acadia, Duck Harbor Campground, Sand Beach, and Echo Lake Beach. But apart from these restricted locations, you can have fun with your furry family anywhere in Acadia’s natural beauty. You can even take the free shuttles all around the park!

Let’s Go, South Carolina! Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park welcomes all pets and is one of the most astounding natural old-growth bottomland hardwood forests that you can find in the southeastern US. You will need to keep your pets leased, but they can accompany you on any trails around the park. The area of Congaree park is a floodplain that shows Wateree and Congaree Rivers meet and offer a fantastic habitat for animals and plants.

You can rend a canoe or kayak and further immerse yourself in the breathtaking ecosystem while savoring the wildlife. You may have to plan your trip carefully because during the spring season, several trails usually flood, and right after the flood water clears out, there are a lot of mosquitoes in the area. Make sure that you keep enough mosquito repellant.

How About Ohio Cuyahoga National Park?

This is a relatively new addition to the collection of pet-friendly national parks that you can find in the United States. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, this park features great 125-mile trails. You will discover wetlands, woodlands, and several old fields that add to the park's scenic beauty. Some of the trails even have stream crossings with log bridges or stepping stones.

(Credit: Daniel Borzynski)

You may have to connect with an experienced travel guide to determine which trail would suit your needs best. If you want to have a scenic trip, then heading for Bradford Reservation can be a good option because it is a beautiful 5 miles trail that offers splendid views of Tinkers Creek Gorge, Ohio’s most beautiful canyon. You can also plan to visit Hemlock Creek Loop and Bridal Veil Falls during your hike. However, since your pets will accompany you, it is advisable to avoid the Scenic Railroad and East Rim area.

Pack It Up for Arizona Grand Canyon Park

This is a fantastic option if you dream of a relaxing travel expedition with your pets. The Arizona Grand Canyon happens to be a great spot where you and your pets can enjoy a 13 miles long South Rim trail. This is an easy path as it skirts the canyon’s edge and is also simple to navigate. However, you need to keep in mind the dry climate and elevation because this can quickly lead to dehydration for you and your pet.

(Credit: Josemaria Toscano)

Even if you only plan to spend a little time there for a quick stroll, it is highly recommended that you bring ample water supply for you and your pet (along with a collapsible bowl). It is important to note that your pets are not allowed to go below the rim and are not allowed on shuttle buses either, but you can visit Desert View, Mather, and Trailer Village with them. The Yavapai Lodge even has beautiful pet-friendly rooms!

Arkansas Hot Springs Park

This is another pet-friendly national park that you may never have heard of before. But it is a gorgeous place to spend some leisure time with your pets and enjoy the natural scenic beauty. It is trendy for the hot springs that seep from hot springs mountain preserving the geothermal spring water. You can take your pets to the half-mile hike of Grand Promenade and Bathhouse Row. Most of the trails were primarily created for spa guests, but anyone can enjoy them!

(Credit: ZRFphoto/Getty Images)

These are just a few places where you can plan a trip with your pet and have a fantastic time. Don’t forget to research each location and read all the details about bringing pets. The rules and regulations may occasionally change, so it is wise to be well aware of that before you embark on the trip.

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