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The Best Time of the Year to Visit Berwyn

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Berwyn is one of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania for tourists. It is a quiet suburban area with plenty of exciting tourist attractions. While not many people view Pennsylvania as a popular tourist destination, you'll be surprised at the variety of unique places the state has.

The best part of visiting Berwyn is that it is still a relatively quiet tourist destination. You won't have to worry about overcrowding which makes enjoying nature more comfortable. This guide will give you some weather and climate information and an idea of all the monthly averages to help you plan your trip.

The Best Suburban Destination

If you are planning a suburban trip, then Berwyn should be on your list. Apart from popular shopping centers, you can also visit a wide range of parks and botanical gardens. The Jenkins gardens and the Valley Forge Historical Park are two places you should have on your list when going to Berwyn. If you like a blend of nature and urban ease, Berwyn is the destination for you.


In terms of accommodation, Berwyn is ahead of many other urban areas. It is slowly transforming into a popular tourist spot thanks to the excellent accommodation available. There are multiple hotels, lodges, and guest houses where you can stay. However, make sure to book ahead of your trip so that you won't miss out on accommodation, especially if you are visiting in the busy summer months.

Best Times to Visit

If you are interested in visiting Berwyn, you may need to look at the best possible time to plan your trip. It's always best to avoid the winter months unless you love the snow. The average high may vary from month to month, so it's best to look at the expected weather forecast during your visit. Here is a list of the seasons in Berwyn which may help you decide when is the best time to visit Berwyn:

Average Monthly Climate Data:

January to April

The worst time to visit

January to April has the least enjoyable weather in Berwyn. January is usually the coldest month of the year, and there is more snow. If you want to visit a warm area, then avoid traveling this month. These months also have the least total precipitation of the entire year and the lowest relative humidity.

Snow falls on most days in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, while March and April are usually drier months. Unless you are a cold-weather traveler, it's best to avoid visiting Berwyn these months as the maximum temperature won't exceed 60 degrees. These months also have the least rain and cold, dry weather. The average weather Berwyn by Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr temperature is -8 to 7 degrees celsius.

May to August

Best time to visit

The best time of the year to travel to Berwyn is during May, Jun, JUL, Aug. The average temperature starts warming up in May, and the humidity is relatively low. However, the average high temperatures are still low, and it is still one of the drier months. June and July are the perfect months to visit Berwyn. These months also have the most precipitation, and a continental climate prevails. July is often the warmest month, while June has the best average weather. For more Berwyn climate update, visit the table here:

Average Monthly Rainfall During Summer Months

From May, Jun, Jul, Aug, the temperature in Berwyn is often pleasant, which is why it is popular with tourists. The highest average temperature is still low enough for you to feel comfortable outdoors. According to the climate table, Berwyn receives a total of 1-2 rainy days per month. August will usually have the highest relative humidity, but the weather is still pleasant, while July is the least humid month.

September to December

Reasonable weather conditions

In the fall months, the average temperature may be around 82.3 degrees. The average humidity is also lower, and the wind speed is often highest. This weather forecast usually means chilly weather in September and October and cold weather in November and December.

Rain falls mainly in September or October, with November and December receiving a decent amount of snowfall accumulation. These months will receive limited rainfall, and the perceived temperatures are pretty low. However, with the continental climate prevailing, visiting in the fall has its feel.

Which Months Have the Best Average Temperature?

The best time to make the trip to Berwyn is withering June or July. However, you may have to pay more for accommodation during these months. If you want the perfect combination of good weather and affordable accommodation, you can visit during the early fall.

These months from August to September, still have decent weather and good temperature highs. Before visiting, it's best to look at the average climate data and compare the temperature during your visit with the average annual temperature.

Always Be Prepared for Your Trip.

Visiting Berwyn is often a pleasant experience if you are adequately prepared. It's always best to see whether you stay in the wettest month or hottest month and pack accordingly. It would be best to consider other factors, such as accommodation availability and additional climate information.

Prepare Ahead!

If you are planning to visit Berwyn, then try fall. We have the best weather with pleasant temperatures in this season. However, make sure to check the temperature and reserve your bookings in a pet-friendly accommodation before the trip.

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