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Summer Travel Essentials to Save Your Dog from Heat on the Ride!

Traveling with your pets is one of the best feelings you can ever have. But, it's not as easy as you think. If your pet is comfortable traveling, things can worsen for pets in the summers. Extreme heat is dangerous for them and causes them to lose body water, energy, etc.

If you want to make your dog or other pet travel with you, you need to get the Dog car travel essentials. These essentials help you avoid any inconvenience with your dog on your way on a trip.

Here comes a question: what are those must-haves for traveling with a dog? As far as having a road trip, you need a care and hygiene kit. However, you need to modify that Dog car travel kit accordingly for summer so that your puppy can beat off the heat during the ride and enjoy the trip!

List of Items to Prepare Summer Travel Kit

Cooling Pads Or Damp Clothes

In summers, one of the top Dog car travel accessories is the cooling pads and damp clothes. You usually do have an AC working fine in the car. However, often the car AC stops working. Such a situation is unbearable for the dog regardless of its fur. Home animals are less tolerant to extreme heat and get heatstroke.

To avoid extreme conditions, you should have some cooling pads under the seats. If you don't have access to pads, you can have a damp cloth made of cotton and make it work as a cooling agent for your pet.

Arrange The Shades

Shades are essential for your pets to avoid direct contact with the sun or stay calm. Whenever you are traveling in summer with your pets, finding a shady place to park the car is necessary. The trees or any artificial shed is good.

It helps to let your pets stay outdoors but not in the direct sunlight. You can arrange some cooling air fans for them that will help them to regain their energy and refresh themselves.

Hydration And Water

If you are after knowing the best dog car travel accessories, then it is the water bottle in the first place. Keep water and other hydrating essentials with you. Just like your body, your pet's body loses water in hot weather. It might not be in the form of sweat, but the skin keeps losing moisture.

To keep the upper layer of the skin cool, the skin pulls up all body water towards the outer layer. It eventually exhausts and causes water deficiency. So hence, make sure to keep enough water for your pet.

However, keep in mind not to give freezing chilly water to your dog, as it might trigger a heat stroke. Give fresh and moderately cool water.

Invest In Vehicle Cooling System

To make your travel experience with the pet more friendly and easygoing, it is essential to invest in your vehicle cooling system. A wise option is the K9 vehicle cooling system. It helps you balance the interior temperature while driving on the road. If it's the worst heatwave, you can also sustain that temperature.

Remember, you do not need to make the Vehicle extra cool, but keep it moderate. The temperature should be pet friendly so it will not cause any trouble later.

Water-Based Food Options

Longer car travel with dogs brings you another challenge: the food and treat. Your dog requires more energy and adequate hydration in summer, especially on road trips. However, some dogs refuse to intake water on the ride.

It would be best to have water-based food options with you in such a situation. Water-based foods will help your dogs keep full while filling their water needs. As a result, your dog will be energized, well-hydrated and happy on the trip.

Dog Travel Accessories

Besides these mentioned options, you can have many different dog travel accessories in the Vehicle. These accessories include cooling fans, cool gel pads, small tents, and more. Based on your destination and weather requirements, you can carry these accessories with you.

Be Mindful of the Travelling

Though it is possible to bring your pet on a road trip in summer, you should be careful. Do not try to push the limits in the changing environment. It would be best to be specific with destination, Vehicle, and route. Keep all the essentials with you that can help keep the pet calm. If your pet is not comfortable with the summer traveling or has specific allergies, you need to avoid traveling.


How Can I Keep My Pet Cool In Extreme Heat?

Hydration is essential to keep your dog cool in extreme weather conditions. Drinking water is not only helpful for humans but every living being. With the help of a regular water supply, you can protect your pet from extreme heat. Moreover, do not let your pet be exposed to sunlight or have too much outdoor exertion.

How Do I Protect My Dog From Summer Heat?

You can protect your dog from the summer heat by keeping it hydrated and making the dog stay in the shade most of the time. Place a damp cloth for the dog to sit on and fill cold water in the water pot.

How Can I Keep My Pet Cool In Summer Without AC?

You may find it a little tricky but not impossible. All you need is to use the natural options to keep the dog calm and cool. The best way is to keep the pet indoors and maintain room temperature using an air cooler, damp clothes, and shade.

How Do You Travel With A Dog In Hot Weather?

Traveling with your dog in hot weather is tricky. You have to be careful with selecting the tour location, weather forecast, and a kit to rescue your pet at its best. The hydration and shade arrangement for your dogs can be helpful.

How To Keep A Dog Cool In A Parked Car?

There is no way to keep your dog cool in a parked car. In the parked Vehicle, the temperature rises to a deathly level within no time. You cannot even leave the dog in the car with the windows open.

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