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Plan a Relaxing Vacation with Cats


Most people are more interested in paying a pet sitter to look after their cats while away rather than taking them on vacation. Why? Because all cat parents know that their little mew friend is pretty serious about routine and predictability. But leaving your paw friend behind causes a lot of worry for you. You keep wondering about whether the cat has eaten, is comfortable, sleeping well or not.

What’s better than paying a couple of dollar bills to pet sitters is to take your meow on vacation with you. However, the question of routine and predictability still stands. Don’t worry; with a few cat travel tips and planning, you can make the vacations relaxing and memorable for your beloved feline friend.

Plan Ahead

Although it applies to all pets, it’s more important to plan everything ahead of the trip if you want to take your cat on a trip. This is because cats are creatures of habits, and a change in their routine can easily disturb them.

Planning doesn’t mean mapping out every detail of the trip. But you must cover the important ones like your vacation destination, where to stay, your options, and how many days you are going to stay

Another thing to consider when traveling with cats is the weather or temperature of your vacation destination. So your cat may not have potential motion sickness issues. Also, keep your cat’s medical records with you and look for nearby veterinary care options around your destination.

Bring the Carrier and Make it Loveable.

Are you going on a car ride with your cat? Then you need a cat carrier with yourself. Especially if you have a young cat. Young cats are more naturally playful as compared to adult cats. It means taking them unbuckled can risk injuries or increase potential escape hazards. Though most cats don’t like getting into the carriers, these cat carriers help you safely buckle up your kitty for a cat-safe journey.

If your kitty doesn’t like to sit in the carrier, we have some tips and tricks to make the carrier cat acquainted.

  • Never force the kitty to go inside the carrier. Open the cat’s carrier and let them explore it at their pace.

  • Use a soft-sided carrier for the meow.

  • Add your kitty’s favorite blanket or toy in the carrier; it will keep your cat calm.

  • You can also put some treats in the carrier.

  • During driving, keep the cat carrier closed to keep the kitty secure and safe.

Suppose you want to let your cat out of the carrier during the drive, close all the windows. It prevents accidental cat escape. If you make a stop before reaching your final destination, either put your meow on a leash or keep all the car doors shut.

Introduce the Car to Your Purry Fur

Cat parents face behavior problems because their furry babies are not acquainted with the car. Young adult cats get anxious with new spaces and especially cars. The car sound, doors, lights, and everything overwhelms them.

To prevent this, it is best to let your purr friend explore the vehicle first. One best way is short car rides for a few weeks. Once you start hearing the cat purr, that’s the sign that you are suitable for a long car trip. You can also put a cat bed in the car so that your baby feels comfortable.

Pack Your Meow’s Food and Favorite Treats

A cat has a sensitive tummy; therefore, it is best to keep their favorite food and treats. You may not find the same brand of cat food at your vacation spot. And every cat owner knows the pain of giving your feline new food and how it gets your cat sick. So get your cat enough food and water for the whole trip.

Pack a Travel Litter Box

Just like the food, cats are also particular about litter boxes. And often, the cat owners miss packing the cat litter box. If you have been doing this, then you are not only making it difficult for your mew, but yourself and the hotel you are staying in! It is always best to take a small litter pan, litter sand, and litter scoop on the road trip.

Book a Pet-friendly Hotel

The car travel along with the new surroundings can be pretty overwhelming for your kitty buddy. It gets worse when you stay in a hotel room that is not pet-friendly. Therefore to help your cat have the best vacation is to reserve a pet-friendly accommodation. Lucky for you, today, there are several hotels or vacation rental properties that are pet-friendly, like PupPads. Such places make your cat feel at home with a cat’s bed, cat dishes, litter box, and even toys.

The new sights on the road trips can be very therapeutic for your cat and strengthen your bond with the cat. We wish you good luck for your next kitty accompanied trip and hope you have fun and be safe! Let us know in the comment section your past cat trip experiences or if you have any suggestions. We would love to read them!

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