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National Mutt Day: Celebrating Mixed Breeds

If you love dogs and take an interest in all the events related to them, then you are aware of National Mutt Day. This day is for celebrating mixed breed dogs. Usually, it is celebrated twice a year, July 31st and December 2nd throughout the world.

The purpose of the Mutt Day celebration is to make aware people of the dilemma of dogs in shelters. Since 80% of shelter dogs are mixed breed, it has a common reference.

However, it is not essential that only mixed breeds end up in shelters and looking for homes. Sometimes the purebred dogs are also there and looking for some families to adopt them. The Mutt Day is about dogs in general and bringing more people in to accept them and love them.

How does Mutt Day help?

The purpose of celebrating Mutt Day twice a year is to raise awareness among the people about shelter dogs. Many people around the world love to have a dog in the house. They often tend to prefer purebreds. In the course of finding a purebred dog, people visit pet companies or pure breeders.

While there is nothing wrong with finding a purebred dog of your choice, what about the mixed breed or other breeds that are in the animal welfare houses? These lack love, affection and are probably in need of it, more than anything is. Therefore, the mutt day celebrates mixed breed dogs to motivate people to adopt a mixed breed dog from the shelter houses and sheds.

It not only lets the mixed breed or purebred dogs in the shelter have a home but reduces pressure on these shelters as well. In the future, they can have more dogs in the shelter and let them have the basic safety and affection they need.

How to celebrate Mutt Day?

Being in a shelter is a situation that can fall into any dog breed be it a mix or purebred. It is awful to observe that many of the dogs usually are taken to shelters because they have not been treated well. Some of them have been suffering from diseases and problems, and their owners do not want to keep them.

Facing unwanted conditions, these dogs are sent to shelters where they live but do not get the love and attention they deserve. It is a kind of misery for such dogs that put them into depression and many other problems as well.

The celebrations of National Mutt Day call for some action and bring love to these animals. Despite their breed, age, health condition, or other traits, they feel special and wanted. Here is something you can do on this day to mark your love for dogs.

Volunteer as much as you can

It is an interesting fact for you to know that most of the adoption camps on Mutt Day require volunteers. The shelters do not have much staff that can take care of everything. Therefore, they ask the community volunteers to help them in handling the camps and initiating drives.

If you are in love with pups and want to celebrate mixed-breed dogs, then volunteering is the best option. By participating in the adoption drives and activities as a volunteer, you can spend more time with these cute pups. Moreover, it will encourage the shelters to save more mutts in the community.

No matter if the shelter is a private initiative or a public project, you need to understand the importance of adopting and volunteering. It is one of the sole and essential reasons to celebrate national mutt day.

Promote adoption

If you want to have a pet in the house and look for a decent pet shop, stop right there. It would help if you came up with the idea of adopting instead of buying. Adopt a dog from the local shelter and promote the adoption in your circle as well. Adopting a mutt means saving its life. Specifically, on the event day, you can spread awareness to the community about mutts adoption. It will provide the deserving pets home and stop animal abuse in the name of the pet business.

Donate the essentials to a local shelter

Typically the shelters are facing issues and problems concerning resources. They cannot provide food, accommodation, facilities, and accessories for the pups. Donation is the best help that can make things better. We recommend donating not just money but food, accessories, and anything that you find helpful.

Love Them Unconditionally!

Celebrating National Mutt Day is all about caring for the dogs and loving them unconditionally. Dogs love humans regardless of their nationality, culture, or anything. Whether a pup is purebred, or a mixed bred, they deserve the same love and care. So on this mutt day become an animal welfare advocate for one of the most loving and loyal animals. Make this special day all about mutts by contributing a little time and love!

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