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January Special Activities During Your Visit to Wildwood, NJ.

Want to have fun in the first month of the New Year? You should choose Wildwood, New Jersey, to spend the winter holidays and enjoy New Year's January.

The Ocean city-Wildwood, in Cape May County, is a popular place among tourists. People from New Jersey, New York, Canada, and other nearby states visit Wildwood to spend leisure time there.

Raging waters, wildwood boardwalk, ocean oasis, and beaches of the North Wildwood are good to attract vacationers.

Jersey shores and downtown Wildwood NJ are home to the festivities and events around the year. Tourists continuously rush to the place to have fun and entertainment, especially during the New Year.

The population of the Atlantic city-Wildwood NJ- increased from 5300 to nearly 250,000 persons due to these attractions.

Here are some January special activities to enjoy in North Wildwood.

Polar Bear Plunge

Polar bear Plunge is exhilarating and entertaining even in winter. Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in cold water seems like a mad idea. But thousands of adventure lovers like to participate in the swimming races in December and January. The Polar bear Plunges are popular for charity and fundraising in Wildwood, New Jersey.

In the United States and Canada, On New Year's Eve and onward, the Polar Bear Plunge is held for entertainment and charity purposes.

Morey's Piers Spot Winter Sale

Located in Wildwood, NJ, Morey's Pier is a superb adventure amusement park. It offers to outclass summer and winter sales on the tickets and entry passes. Visitors find several fun things on the adventure pier. Morey's Piers and water parks feature a surfside amusement pier, hundreds of rides, and watersports.

Mariner's amusement pier holds several annual events from New Year's Eve. Kids enjoy different activities at the excellent amusement piers. Morey's Pier contains three amusement piers and two fantastic waterparks. People of all ages enjoy water sports at the water parks.

Kids can enjoy the roller coaster, water slides, splash zones, and many special events, even on a rainy day. Morey's Piers spot Winter sale offers terrific discounts. If you are in Wildwood, you should never miss the winter sale. Rush into the Morey's Pier to enjoy the water rides at a discounted price.

Breakfast in the sky

If you have not experienced the ride of the 156-feet Giant wheel at Morey's Piers, you will miss a great adventure. Morey's Piers at Wildwood Boardwalk are giving you a chance to have your breakfast in the sky. This unique and iconic breakfast will increase the fun and entertainment on Memorial Day weekend.

Reserve a table of 4 persons in advance and enjoy your day trip ideally. With the exclusive morning cuisines, the visitors can view beautiful sights from the height. However, it may sound like a terrific experience to the chicken-hearted.

Sightseers trams

Sightseer tram car is the famous ride of the Wildwood's Boardwalk. It operates daily from Jersey Avenue. It begins its journey from the 16th street North Wildwood NJ and reaches Cresse Avenue covering the two miles of boardwalk.

You can enjoy a memorable 30-minutes ride only at $4.00 per head.

The services of the tram car to the Wildwood Crest border remain open until the surfside piers close.

JJC Boats Inc.

While visiting North Wildwood, NJ, never forget to have a cruise ride. JJC Boats Inc. offers the best boat tour and fishing. You can never feel bored there, in fact, enjoy several outdoor activities.

Visit Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Ripley's Believe it or Not! is a place that entertains families, kids, and pets through its amazing seaport aquarium. Visit Ripley's Believe it or Not! at Wildwood and enjoy the superb display of marine life. Mariner's Pier has awesome fun things in collaboration with Morey's Pier to increase the fun for kids and families.

The visitors are amazed by the seaport aquarium; rather, Ripley's maze enhances the joy of the Boardwalk tour. If you are searching for a kid-friendly place, Ripley's, believe it or not, is the best one.

Wildwood Convention Center

Wildwood convention center stands out as an ultra-modern, spacious, and innovative venue for events along the east coast. With the front view of the beach and ocean, the convention center is available for holding meetings, celebration events, receptions, and ballrooms. Further, the impressive

Wildwoods convention center at the Wildwood boardwalk also accommodates the rooms for tourists.

Wildwood Museums

Wildwood Historical Society, Doo Wop experience museum, and boyer historical museums bring happy memories of older Wildwood. The music, artifacts, architecture, great personalities, and memories of postwar amuse the visitors and remind the history of the popular Wildwood. Doo-wop architecture takes you away from the museum and urges you to move the boardwalk and Wildwood on foot, by car, or by bus.

Tourists love to visit the Wildwood crest dunes, Hereford Inlet lighthouse, sunset lake, Mini Golf, May Courthouse, National marble tournament, Casino Arcade, Rio Grande, Byrne Plaza, north wildwood sea wall, and many other attractions of the boardwalk.

The exciting feature is that Wildwood always welcomes pets. You can find a dog park here for the relief of your pet. Further, pet owners love to visit Wildwood dog beach with their dogs. Wildwood offers unstoppable entertainment and recreational activities to everyone. Downtown Wildwood is rushed out with kids' face painting and water sports activities.

Visitors can enjoy baked goods, seafood, and live music on the beaches of Wildwood. The entire length of the five-mile island features the doo-wop architecture. You can shop from specialty shops and enjoy free parking at different locations in Wildwood, especially the beach.

Final words

Wildwood, New Jersey, is a great place to get entertained. Wildwood authorities issue an activities calendar. You can enjoy January's special activities at the location. Sand beaches, Exciting Boardwalk, and watersports at Wildwood always welcome the visitors. Couples, Singles, kids, pets, and the old-aged can spend a fantastic time at Wildwood beaches and waterparks. Come and enjoy the bonfire and nightlife of Wildwood, New Jersey.

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