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International Animal Rights Day

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

International Animal Rights Day is celebrated on December 10 every year. The aim is to persuade humanity to ethically treat animals. The day reminds us of the importance of animal rights equivalent to human rights.

Since the evolution of life on the earth, animal rights have been neglected. Humans hunt the animals to fulfill their food needs. Sometimes animal fur and body are used for fashion and art. Whatever the case is, animals suffer human tyranny in one way or another.

In 1948, United Nations passed the Universal Declaration of human rights in memory of the exploitation of human rights in the German Nazi concentration camps. To prevent World War II, the United Nations decided to celebrate human rights day on December 10. Later on, the world demanded to share human rights day with animal day.

Animals are supposed to be sentient beings. Animals have emotions and feel the environment more sensitively. The only difference between animals and other sentient beings is that the animals cannot protect themselves. Many humans suffer cruelty based on color, creed, caste, and race. Similarly, animal victims and many other sentient beings suffer animal cruelty. Sea creatures are hurt for the sake of food needs.

The Universal Declaration of human rights reserves the rights of animal victims as well. World animal day is celebrated annually on October 4. Animal rights had been discussed in the General Assembly as well. After World War II, numerous organizations raised their voices against human and animal cruelty. The mission is to create awareness among the masses about the ethical treatments of all living beings.

Why are Animal Days and Rights Observed globally?

Humans have remained cruel to animals since their existence. The purpose of this day is to create awareness among people about the rights of animals. Animals are sentient creatures that can sense, feel, and move in their surroundings like humans. But due to specific natural disabilities, animals cannot protest or raise voices against violence. This day reveals that it is the responsibility of humans to stop the violence against animals.

All sentient creatures have the right to food, respect, and protection. The international Animals Day demonstrates animal rights more delicately to the world. Several national and international events are organized to create awareness among the common public. World animal day provides another opportunity for people to protect animals from misbehavior and street violence.

How is International Animal Rights Day Celebrated?

Fundraiser communities and media held seminars and events to create awareness about the respect and safety of all species, especially species of the animal kingdom. In many underdeveloped parts of the world, there is a dire need to hold events that can advocate human and animal rights more precisely.

However, the organized upcoming events on the next global Animals day can also reveal the idea better. Another appealing effort can be performed by the local newspapers. Print and electronic media can broadcast interesting documentaries and written content favoring animal and human rights.

Show Your Support!

Closing the discussion to celebrate animal rights day and human rights is enough to exhibit the importance of preserving the animals. Many human communities are involved in securing endangered and extinct animal species.

These communities need the greater support of funds to continue this sacred project. Ensuring an animal's life is as holy and essential as human beings. It is time to do something practical for the animal kingdom. Sentient beings need the special attention of all living creatures. People need to advocate all types of problems of all animal species.

On this Animal Rights Day, pledge to spread kindness and love to animals and humans to make this world a better place to live!

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