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Good News For Remote Workers!

Are you a remote worker? Do you love traveling? Are you looking for working holiday options? Do you know there are visa options for remote workers? If you want to know answers to all these questions, then this is the "MUST-to-READ" article for you!

Remote working has been upgraded over the years. People doing freelancing is common and earning well. Other than making good money, they have comfort with timings, places, and deadlines in remote work.

Many people are remotely managing their lifestyles with the help of their digital jobs. Meanwhile, they are facing issues in the context of working abroad. Previously it has been difficult for digital freelancers to get a visa for remote work. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made things quite different for everyone.

When the permanent workers were reduced in numbers and no tourists were moving to the states, every state had to think differently. It was the time when many states encouraged digital nomad visas for remote workers online. The purpose was to make them stay there for a long time and generate some revenue. It helped both parties.

Digital Nomad Visa, a Golden Opportunity for Remote Workers

Most of the time, digital nomads use to take cover under traveler or temporary resident visas when they are abroad. It makes their action illegal and restricts them to work in a certain state. Though these visas are not only illegal for digital nomads but, other workers who wish to work while visiting a country.

But, the case with digital nomads is pretty different. When there was a lockdown everywhere, only digital nomads had the liberty to work freely. Since they had work they could spend money at the same time.

Focusing on this condition, many nations came up with some advanced tourist visas. These tourist visas do not offer a pathway to citizenship but provide support to the people who travel and work remotely.

In other words, these are known as Nomad residence permits that help digital nomads to work away from their country legally. If a person holds any such visa then it is legal for him or her to work while traveling. It opens up more opportunities to bag new projects and earn money.

The deal is golden not only for the freelancers as they could access a broader employer market. However, it is a fair deal for the nations who are offering these visas the promotion of tourists, workforce labor, and generating revenue.

A worker staying at least for a month will spend money in the country on his or her living. It will boost the overall revenue by multiplying the number of remote workers getting their Nomad residence permit to work in a state.

List of Countries That Offer Digital Nomad Visas

Here is an alert! Though many countries are offering digital nomad visas, not all of them. Every state has its visa policies and procedures. So, for you, it is essential to know before applying what countries are offering remote work visas and on what conditions. This clarity brings you more confidence and ensures you will have a good experience.

Here is a list of countries that offers you a digital nomad visa:


Georgia is one of the countries that are letting you bypass the travel restrictions and offer a Remotely from Georgia visa option. The country came up with this policy specifically under COVID-19 conditions to support their tourism, travel, and economy at the same time.

All you need is to showcase the monthly income of $2,000 or hold a bank statement of $24,0000. If you wish to have a longer stay or work as an entrepreneur remotely, the state has several opportunities for you there. You can explore more options on arrival and build good career growth.


When you are looking for a low-cost option to work and stay in European Union remotely, Croatia is the right spot. The country has developed its processes, forms, and legislation to make things work for digital nomads.

It is not an actual visa but a temporary residence permit. You have the option to apply for the permit while you are in Croatia or through Croatian consulates and embassies.

Czech Republic

Among students and even digital nomads, Chech Republic is one of the favorites. Under the name of Zivno, Czechia has had a freelancer visa. The visa enables you to be there and work for one year and you have the opportunity to call for an extension of six months later.

But, to access the temporary resident visa you need to have a trade license. It is the difficult part as the list of trades is limited so you end up getting limited options on your side.


Estonia came up with a revolution with its e-residency program. It helped the foreign digital nomads to process their EU-based businesses with a better approach.

In June 2020, the state announced its digital nomad and freelancer visa to allow freelancers to work and stay in the country. It was the world’s first digital nomad visa that came out officially. The state lets the freelancers get on board and experience the change. The processes are pretty smooth to get access to up to a year visa.


In the list of the countries offering digital nomad visas, Iceland comes with a remarkable approach. It has a working visa option for remote workers for up to 6 months. Getting the Iceland nomad visa is a difficult one as it's expensive.

Not the visa cost probably but living in Iceland costs you too much. Eventually, you need to have good economic health that will support your profile and get you on board. Otherwise, it is the best place to visit anytime around the year and you can access the visa anytime around the year as well.


Not only the small states but Germany is on the list offering residency permits to foreign freelancers or self-employed people. The permit ranges from six months to 3 years which is quite a long time. The longer stay permit requires a longer approval time of at least 4 months.

You need to have a good profile fulfilling minimum monthly income requirements and a solid application providing all evidence of your smart earnings. Eventually, you will get into a state where you are good to enjoy the best time earning, living, spending, and visiting new places.

Why is it Beneficial for Remote work?

Digital nomads chose to work remotely because they cannot be stuck in one place. Other than ditching a 9-5 office routine, they have opportunities to work and travel. Exploration drives them for more and brings them more opportunities in general.

In this condition, a digital nomad visa turns out to be the greatest benefit of all time. With the help of a remote work visa, a normal person can work and live outside of a country. It is not necessary to travel within the state while working remotely but to enjoy the same benefits while moving abroad.

Previously many digital freelancers were using the opportunity of tourist visas but that too had limited opportunities. It bound them for some time and made it illegal to work even remotely.

With the best of a new digital nomad visa, freelancers are legally permitted to work and stay. They have all the liberty to enjoy a stage and work their way to bring more revenue for themselves. On the other hand, it works the same way for the hosting states in the meantime.

How to get digital nomad visas?

Here comes the biggest question, how to get digital nomad visas? Whenever it comes to some of the paperwork with embassies or visa offices, things are a bit complicated. Many freelancers are into keeping things normal and simple. If they have to go through several technicalities, things can go messy for them.

Focusing on these challenges, the visa process comes with great convenience. One can easily understand and manage the process.

Here are a few steps that can help you in getting the visa:

  • Identify your target state - check out all the states offering you the visa option and pick up the appropriate one. The best option is to go for the most convenient and lenient state. Do not go after big fishes first. If it's your first experience go slow.

  • Take out all information on the application process - once you know the state of the target for a visa, now start working on the procedures and information. You should prepare a checklist of the things you require and focus on.

  • Gather the required documents - it is essential to gather all the documents that include your credentials, a valid passport, bank balance statement, application fee, or other letters as well.

  • Apply to the embassy - once you have everything arranged, it is time to apply and wait for their response. Make sure to double-check your application before submission to avoid any rejections.

  • Appear for an interview - once you are in as an applicant you will have to appear for an interview at the immigration office and once you are done with it, you are good to go.


A new digital nomad visa is one of the ultimate options that suit the digital nomad lifestyle. With the help of an official digital nomad visa, you can enjoy your work-life to the next level. Right now there is no need to take a tourist visa but to get a visa for remote working and travel around multiple countries of your choice. just provide proof that you can afford to be in the state and will pay taxes then you are good to have a temporary visa.

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