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Four Reasons You Should Get an Airbnb with a Fenced Backyard

Traveling with pets is often not an easier task. Several boarding facilities accommodate a pet-friendly environment. Another option is to leave the pet at home with a pet sitter. However, those who love their pets like their babies never leave pets at home.

Pet-loving families travel with their pets. So hence, many Airbnb owners are now considering accommodating both humans and pets as their guests. Airbnb is a popular space among guests. Property owners often rent out their homes for short and long-term stay. Now more than ever, few vacation rental homes also provide fenced backyards, in addition to basic pet-friendly amenities.

Why is it Necessary to Get a Fenced Backyard?

Here are some of the reasons given:

Airy and Fresh Environment

Pets like airy spaces. An open and fresh environment keeps the pets healthy and active. They stay in a good mood and enjoy the stay. An Airbnb with a fenced backyard is a great option for pet owners.

Creates a Cozy Environment

Pets usually don't like the change of environment and often miss the comfort of their homes. However, staying at a vacation rental home with a fenced backyard creates a cozy feeling. It greatly impacts your pet's mood and makes it easier for them to settle.

Outdoor Activities

Pets, especially dogs, enjoy outdoor activities like running. Whether you are visiting a friend or on a business or vacation, you want to stay in the guest house some days. However, your pet might want the opposite. In such cases, a fenced backyard may facilitate your pet. They can enjoy fetching, frisbee, tug of war with you, or just run around the backyard after a butterfly!

Some pets are habitual to running and playing with balls. In such cases, you need a fenced backyard that may keep the pet active within the home facility.

Safety Precaution

Fenced backyards secure the pets and kids to move from outside. Your pets can observe and enjoy the surroundings sitting in the backyard while you can work or sip your evening tea without keeping an eye on them. In simple words, a fenced backyard is also necessary as a safety measure for pets.

How to find an Airbnb with a fenced backyard?

If you are visiting your town only, search for the "Airbnb pets allowed near me" or "Pet-friendly accommodations." You will get a list of places that allow animals and support an Airbnb emotional support animal policy. When you have searched for an Airbnb listing at the desired place, check the detailed descriptions.

Another easier way is to directly contact the homeowner via email, phone, or messaging. You can ask the guests' house owner about the Emotional Animal protection policy, the permission of pets at the house, and charges for the shorter or longer stay.

Even though several tourist sites support the Airbnb listing globally, you can download Airbnb and tourist-friendly apps that may provide useful information.

However, always select a place that supports and accepts the pets. Otherwise, you may spoil your tour when you are not allowed to move around with your pet.

A Pet-friendly Airbnb

An Airbnb is pet-friendly only when the property owner has allowed the pets. Well, actually, no! While many people think that allowing pets is enough, other factors exist.

How do I check if an Airbnb is pet friendly?

To check whether an Airbnb is pet friendly, it is necessary to investigate some questions like:

Does the owner allow the pets within the home?

You should inform the Airbnb owner that you will stay with your pet. And ask if it's their policy to allow pets inside the home. Some owners are allergic to pets and have banned the entry of the animals. Some owners don't allow pets inside the house but often provide kennels. So hence before booking any Airbnb, always confirm with the owner. If they allow pets, always inform them what pets you bring and how many of them.

Are there any pets in the guest house or nearby houses?

It is quite necessary to find an Airbnb in a pet-friendly neighborhood. It builds an interactive environment for your pet. A neighborhood with pets means that there will be pet-friendly restaurants, parks, and markets.

Will you use the whole area of Airbnb or just a private room?

Some owners rent out only private rooms while others allow the whole apartment. So, always ask the owner what their rental policy is.

Are there pet-friendly amenities?

Just like you get utilities and amenities like Wi-Fi, kitchenware, television, etc., a pet-friendly accommodation also provides amenities for your furry buddy. The amenities for pets may include but are not limited to pet beds, food, and water bowls, litter boxes and bags, toys or food, etc.

One such great pet-friendly vacation accommodation to crash with your pet is PupPads - where you will have all the necessities for both you and your pet!


Pets may get irritated when you have to stay longer at a new place. In such a case, search for as much relaxation for the pet as possible. Look for an Airbnb with a fenced backyard to create fun and enjoyment for your pets.


What is a reasonable pet fee for Airbnb?

No one can tell any standardized fee for Airbnb. Usually, Airbnb owners do not charge a separate fee for pets. The only limitation is to allow the pets in the home. However, Airbnb pet fee 2021 ranged from $5 to $100. Pet fee for an Airbnb depends upon the factors like:

  • Location of Airbnb

  • Socioeconomic status of the place

  • Local rates of Airbnb

  • Type of animals (Service animals or pet animals)

Sometimes, the property owner is so cooperative that it does not charge you extra for pets and other services in the house. PupPads welcome all your pets without charging any extra fees!

Why Should I Stay at an Airbnb?

People prefer Airbnb due to self-check-in and check-out. Another reason is that Airbnb keeps your privacy maintained. Tourists with pets often search the places that keep the pets and pet owners convenient. Staying at a hotel with a pet may cause many hurdles. Hotel expenses may exceed due to extra care and services to the pets.

Furthermore, many hotels allow a limited number of pets only. What will you do when you have three or more dogs? Searching for an Airbnb with pets is a wise idea to move.

What makes Airbnb stand out?

Every Airbnb owner wants to make the property stand out. As an Airbnb host, it is necessary to update the photo and description of the property. It is a greater marketing strategy to attract the travelers ta your place.

Here are some of the features that may help you do so:

  • Keep the description short and informative.

  • Share the pics of the property to reveal all the attractive spaces of the home.

  • Keep the prices standardized. Airbnb hosts often capture the seasonal demands, events in the area, and price variation in the competitive market to increase revenue.

  • Offer discounts on initial bookings.

  • Keep the Airbnb listing and calendar updated to avoid double booking.

What do Airbnb guests want most?

Usually, people search for a home facility away from home. Guests like to stay at Airbnb for:

  • A bedroom

  • Kitchen, bathroom facility

  • Washer

  • Dryer

  • Pets-friendly environment

  • Heating/ air-conditioning systems

  • Wi-Fi connection

  • Charging facility

  • Personal parking

  • Self-check-in & check-out

These facilities may charge higher while staying in a hotel. But choosing an Airbnb space may prove economical.

Can Airbnb hosts have pets?

Yes, it often happens that Airbnb hosts may have pets. Sometimes, Airbnb host does not have pets, but neighbors have pets.

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