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Fall, the Best Time of the Year to Plan Beach Vacations With Your Dog!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Summer is the peak time when most people head out to the beaches. However, if you are savvy beachgoers and also happen to be pet parents, you would know the ideal time for hitting the beaches is fall.

Read on to find out why beaches in the fall are the best dog-friendly vacation!

Beaches are Quiet and Less Crowded.

For dog owners and nature lovers, a crowded beach is never a good experience. Well, if you want to keep your sanity while allowing your four-legged friends glee, then plan to go to the sandy beach in autumn.

October to November is the time of the year when beaches are less crowded, especially during the evenings. Whether it's a dog beach or not, you can take your leashed dogs to the ocean as the crowd is less. You can let your leashed pets play in the sand, dip in the water or play fetch without bumping into people.

While there are many dog-friendly vacation destinations, escape to the Wildwood or Cape may dog-friendly beaches this November with your furry friend. The beaches are less crowded, but many dog-friendly restaurants, dog parks, and even dog-friendly hotels nearby!

Nature Fall Getaways

Do you love to explore hiking trails with your furry companion? Then you must visit Wildwood, new jersey, with your four-legged best friend this autumn. Known for its sandy beaches, Wildwood also has several hiking trails to offer.

Autumn is the time of the year when mother nature is at its best. The fall foliage is sightseeing. You can witness the bright, and As many people consider fall and winter off-season for hiking, these seasons allow more pet-friendly hiking.

Vacation Rentals are Available at Lower Rates

One of the essential thing that makes your vacations relaxing are the hotels or accommodations you stay in. During the peak tourist season, the fares are pretty high. Still, it is also challenging to find pet-friendly accommodations that allow pets.

In contrast, October to November is often considered an off-season to travel. It means less tourist flux, which will result in lower rates. Several pet-friendly hotels where they usually charge an extra fee for pets; excuse the fees.

If you go to wildwoods on a dog-friendly vacation with your furry friends, puppads have the best accommodation options. Our beach bungalow is the perfect location for large and small dogs with a dog-friendly patio, dog bowls, beds, and fully equipped to make both you and your pet comfortable!

Fall Festivals are Around the Corner.

What's one thing that you like about fall besides the pumpkin pies and pumpkin spice lattes? Fall festivals! If you also love the fall festivals, then you are not alone. The fun gets double when you celebrate these festivals with your well-behaved pups on the beaches.

Head out to Wildwood and cape may beach to redefine your fall festival experience. There are many events lined up from October to November, like cruise adventures and dolphin sightings.

Moreover, if you love to take a boat ride with your furry buddy, you can enjoy one during the festivals. Live music makes everything more enjoyable and magical.

Mild Temperature, Warm Water.

The best thing about taking your furry buddy to a dog-friendly beach in autumn is the mild temperature and warm water. All dog lovers know how their pups love to dip themselves in the water when on the beach. You can let them do that without worrying about getting the beach sand off your pup.

Yappy Hour at Dog-Friendly Destinations.

Who doesn't love the yappy hours? That's precisely why beaches are one of the ideal dog-friendly vacation spots to visit in autumn. These hours are primarily for the furry visitors to have the most fun with their parents. Be it a dog-friendly restaurant, craft beer, dog park, or local picnic area, you can be a part of the yappy hours.

Wildwoods is a Great Pet-Friendly Location!

If you wonder what makes wildwoods unique and why you should visit them with your dogs in autumn, then there's a long list. The first thing is the beaches that welcome dogs.

Also, this destination has several dog parks with fence boundaries where you can take your furry buddy to be silly. There is a wide range of pet-friendly restaurants, retail shops, walking trails, state parks, etc.

But the great thing about this place is that it has pet-friendly accommodations for your and your little buddy to stay and relax.

So don't waste much time thinking, make your reservations, pack your stuff, put your puppy in the car, and hit the road for wildwoods in the autumn! We assure you that you will love every single moment there!

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