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Dog Travel Essentials: Packing List When Traveling With Dogs

Are you a pup parent? If yes, then you would not want to travel without your fur baby! While traveling with your dog is highly rewarding for both you & your puppy, it might be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time traveling with a pet.

The biggest challenge is what to pack and what to leave. But don't you worry, we've got you covered! This guide has listed 10 pet travel essentials that will make your trip comfortable for you and your dog.

So without further ado, let's hop on to the pet travel checklist!

A Tip For Making Travel Enjoyable For Your Pup & You!

No doubt, the travel kit would help you make your puppy comfortable. However, that's not the only thing! There's one significant factor that can impact your overall trip experience. What's that? That's your hotel accommodation choice! Dogs and cats are more sensitive to their surroundings.

If the accommodation is not pet-friendly, your pup will feel fussy. Plus, some accommodation properties don't allow you to bring your pets as well. Therefore, when planning your trip with pets, the first thing to consider is a pet-friendly hotel!

Lucky for you, if you are planning to visit Berwyn or a nearby neighborhood, provides the most comfortable, pleasant, and pet-friendly vacation homes. Our pet-friendly accommodations are fully equipped with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living amenities.

We currently provide accommodation services in Berwyn, PA, and North Wildwood, NJ. Free parking and WiFi are available at all rentals so that you can enjoy your stay.

Moreover, when reserving a hotel or accommodation, make sure there are plenty of dog parks and play areas in the neighborhood. Having nearby walk areas would double the enjoyment for you and your dog both!

Also, before heading out for the journey, take your dog to the vet clinic and have them checked.

10 Pet Essentials That You Should Pack!

Here is a checklist of items to carry with you if you want to leave your fur baby at home.

Pet First Aid Kit

Be it car travel or plane journey, you must pack a first aid kit for your furry friend. It will help if you put on bandages, gauze pads, antiseptics, gloves, and other dog medication. If you are not sure about the medicines, consult your veterinarian.

Sturdy Leash

Even if your dog likes off-leash walks, don't forget to pack a sturdy leash in your backpack. Most vets recommend buying a retractable dog leash. The leash is an essential item for your pet's safety.

Medical and Vaccination Records

One thing to stow on your pet accompanied trips is your dog's vaccination and medical records. These records will help you in case of any emergency.

Food and Water Bowls

If you are going on outdoor camping with your buddy with paws, make sure you packed the collapsible/portable food & water bowls. In addition to the bowl, take some dog food and a water bottle if your dog is picky about taste.

Extra Collar

It is wise to put on an extra dog collar and tags. Many pet owners have shared their experience of how helpful it is to keep a supplementary collar and tag for your dog on the trip.

Dog Treats

Want to keep your canine on good behavior on vacation? Then it is best to keep some dog treats with you, especially if you are training your pet.

Poop Bags

Unlike a cat, dogs aren't shy off pooping around. So, it is best to keep some poop bags when going on a holiday with your pet. It would be easier to throw out the dog's waste with a bag.

Comfortable Carrier or Dog Crate

If you are going on foreign travel with your dog, keep a comfortable carrier or kennel with yourself. These carriers will provide a comfortable and fun plane journey for your pet.

Dog Bed, Blanket, Chew Toys, etc.

To keep your dog comfy on a road trip, a bed, blankets, and a couple of chew toys would come in handy. As car journeys can be several hours long, these sleeping essentials will let your fur baby sleep peacefully.

Seat Belt

The last item to check off on the list is a car seat belt for your doggy. Seat belts ensure the safety of your pet. You must carry a seat belt, especially if it's long dog travel. Why leave your pet behind on a fun and enjoyable holiday? Taking your little fur buddy with you on the trip is relaxing for both of you. It also strengthens your bond with your fur buddy.

You can easily make your pup’s accompanied travel enjoyable by properly planning the stay. Your pet travel kit checklist can vary according to the place, room space, places you may want to visit, and other pet-related factors.

So take some time to plan your pet-stay-cation properly.

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