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Dog-Friendly Farmers' Markets In New Jersey

If you are looking for pet-friendly markets, this is the web page you have been looking for. Strolling in one of New Jersey's farmers' markets and bagging the fresh produce and other fine goodies on a warm summer day is refreshing. But the fun gets double with your furry buddy strolling beside you!

Summer is here, and it's an open season for the Farmers' Market in New Jersey! You can scoop all the locally grown, fresh fruits, meats, flowers, and honey. Unlike the grocery store, the produce here is organic and available at affordable prices. But the question of interest does Farmers' Markets, unlike the grocery stores, allow pets, especially dogs.

The farmers' markets prohibit all pets except for the service dogs. However, there is no strict rule or law that restricts the entry of dogs into a market. As farmers' markets are usually open, they often allow pet owners to bring their furry friends.

Here is a rundown of all the Farmers' Markets in New Jersey that welcome you and your furry buddy!

Collingswood Farmers' Market

This market opens every Saturday. Collingswood market is located between the pathways of Haddon Avenue and the High-speed PATCO train line. This market is known for its fresh produce but it is also pet-friendly. The visitors of the Collingwood market have to follow some rules to take the dog inside. Dogs are allowed on these conditions only:

  • The dog should wear on Collingswood market leash. These leashes are not available anywhere except the market administration.

  • The dog should behave well and remain under the control of the owner or handler.

  • The dogs that get aggressive are not allowed.

  • Dogs that require a stronger leash than the market leash are not allowed.

  • Dogs should not come in contact with the food or other items in the market.

If the dog owner or dog itself breaches the administration rules, they may have to pay the penalty. When dog owners enter the market, they have to attend to the Dog tent. At dog tents, dogs are given leashes. Dog owners are handed over a paid permit to avoid misconduct.

Hackle Barney Farms Cider Mill

Hackle Barney Farmers Cider Mill is just the spot for you and your dog to pick up fresh groceries! It is a cider mill, a bakery, and a farm store. The Hackle Barney is located at 104 State Park Rd, Chester, NJ 07930, United States. The farm store opens every Saturday at 10.00 a.m. and takes orders for special events like easter, memorial day, etc. The weekend menu, the slushie machine, and the hot dog stand double the fun.

Ventnor City Farmer Market

Located at 6201 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor City, NJ, the Ventnor city market opens every Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon. What's great about the Ventnor city market is that it allows pets, especially dogs. This market is known for selling the freshest produce in New Jersey, including flowers, herbs, and even specialty food. You can find hand-crafted non-food items here as well. Ventnor Market's 'no plastic bag' policy makes it stand out among the other farmers' markets!

Hill Creek Farms

Hill Creek Farms is a one-stop where you and your pup can find numerous products and activities. From apple orchids to pumpkin patches, an on-site cider shop, bakery, farmers' market, and picnic spot - hill creek farms is a must-to-visit spot. You can pick the ripest, juiciest apples from the orchid with your pup and enjoy local wine, cider, and apple pies.

Columbus Farmer market

Located on Route 206, it is the largest flea market in Columbus, New Jersey. It opens every Saturday outdoor. Customers can shop among thousands of flea items. Moreover, 65 flea retail stores allow visitors to shop for a wide variety of groceries. Technically as per the policies, dogs are not allowed in the market. However, based on reviews and feedback, there are no strict policies. Many people visit the outdoor Columbus Farmers Market with their dogs.

Winter Park Farmers Market

The Winter Park Farmers' Market opens every Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. It is held at Central Park West Meadow, at New York Avenue and Morse Boulevard. Winter Park Farmers' Market is open to its non-human, furry customers. The market policies require dogs to be on a leash. If the dog is not wearing a leash, one is provided at the market.

To sum up the whole discussion, there are no strict laws or regulations that prohibit the entry of dogs into a farmers' market. Usually, all the outdoor flea markets allow owners to shop with dogs, as long as they are on a leash and well behaved!


Why are dogs not allowed in food markets and grocery stores?

Dogs may get aggressive or pull others on getting any trigger or stimulus. It may violate the policies of the place as well. Sometimes dogs or pets spoil the food and food arrangements, damage the food stalls, or may create disturbance in the place. That is why Food and Drug authorities do not allow pets at the stores or markets. However, you can find flexible policies in different markets, malls, and stores.

How to Find the dog-friendly farmers' market in new jersey?

You can use your social sources to learn about the nearby farmers' markets. Your neighbors and friends can guide you about the nearby farms as well. For the best search, you can check the internet results. Search for "Dog-friendly pumpkin patch near me" or "dog-friendly farmer market near me." Thus, you will get a list of places where you can shop for fresh foods, vegetables, and groceries with your paw friend.

Are dogs allowed in target in NJ?

No, dogs or pets are not allowed In Target, New Jersey. This no pet policy is regulated to ensure the safety of the place and the customers. Target, Walmart, Publix supermarket, and many others allow only service animals. So, if your dog is a service animal, it can get entry inside. All pet animals refused to move inside.

Are dogs allowed in stores in NJ?

According to the Drug & Food Administration, dogs and pets are not allowed except for the service animals in a store. Some stores give relaxation to pets. They allow pets in common shopping areas only under some conditions. For instance:

  • The pet's weight should be less than 20 pounds to enter the store.

  • The pets should remain in the pet carrier.

  • Pet should remain in the specified place of the shopping area only.

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