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8 Reasons You Should Adopt Pets and Not Shop!

Going in a place full of life with cute little puppies and purring cats can feel heavenly. The evidence says that human companionship with pets reduces stress and gives a sense of home. An addition to your family with a cute dog, cat, or any other animal is a good thought. Both you and your pet will feel unconditional love and comfort together.

Many of these adorable creatures end up in animal shelters. The only thing they are looking for is a loving home. People don't mind spending money to get a pet from breeders and pet shops in pursuit of finding purebreds.

Little did they know that many purebreds also end up at the pet shelters! If you are a true animal lover, consider pet adoption from shelters! It is better to go for adoption and rescue these animals if your heart is in the right place.

Reasons To Adopt Shelter Dog & Cat

With new legislation restricting puppy mills and rising awareness in people," adopt, don't shop" has been brought to attention. It has encouraged people to rescue and adopt more animals from a local shelter that were abandoned and needed a new life.

Animal caretakers have shown their interest in this cause. Since cruelty was brought to light, many people have advocated against it and donated to help these homeless animals. These donations help cover supplies, housing upgrades, operations, staff training, and much more.

1-Giving a New Chance at Life

Adopting homeless animals such as cats and dogs saves a life. These shelter animals come from unfortunate and shockingly poor conditions. Around 920,000 shelter animals, including 390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats, are euthanized annually in the U.S.

It is because the shelter homes don't have enough resources. So every time an animal is adopted, more dogs and cats are saved and provided with medical care. Not only are you saving a pet's life, but you are also contributing towards a humane society.

2-Easy on the Pockets

Pets from the pet stores come with hefty price tags, which do not even include veterinary care. Adopting means saving the adorable pet with a small adoption fee. Moreover, you are not letting mass-breeding facilities profit from the thousands of dollars you might have given to pet stores.

Adoption fees range from $50 to $150 and are profitable in the long run because they include all post-adoption necessities. You may also get free medical care and veterinary services from the shelter.

3-Advocate Against Puppy Mills

Puppies or kittens sold in pet stores are usually from a puppy mill. These cats, dogs, and other animals are forced to produce litter until they suffer tremendously and die. The mass breeding facilities pack these animals into restricted, murky cages where the female dogs or cats breed.

After these puppies and kittens are taken from their mother prematurely, pet stores take them in. The separation is traumatized for both the mother and her litter. They are carried on with cruel practices such as being denied exercise, human contact, and a social environment to benefit physically. When you foster animals from a rescue or shelter, you discourage the cruelty and abuse of the animal breeding mills.

4-House-Trained Healthy Pets

The Animal shelter is home to many abandoned healthy adult pets. Adults such as dogs and cats are left at a local animal shelter. It means when looking for adoption, you can get well-trained and behaved animals. This will make your life less hectic as these shelter pets know basic commands. It will make you feel proud of them.

These house-trained dogs may already know how to walk on a leash. Most shelter pets have been officially trained and are flexible to further training, saving you time and extra energy. It is always better to adopt a pet than to buy one.

5-Movement Against Backyard-Breeders

Another reason to adopt is the backyard-breeders. Breeding dogs or cats is another business that may follow cruel practices no matter how compassionate it seems. These animals are still viewed as products and are forced to breed often.

Moreover, purebred animals might not have the desired health and usually have shorter lifespans. Not to forget, buying a pet from these backyard breeders cost you a fortune.

You'd be surprised to know that you can find purebred animals at shelters as well. Many shelter dogs or cats are purebred that come from backyard breeders. Animal shelters help to provide a safe home for such animals. When you adopt rescue and shelter animals, you discourage such breeders.

6- More Variety Than Breeders & Puppy Mills

One of the biggest reasons to adopt is that you have a better chance of finding a new family member for yourself when you adopt, not shop. Only a few people know that an animal shelter has more variety than a pet store. There's a high chance you come across a dog or cat breed that you may not find at a pet store.

7- Minimizing Over-Population

By choosing to adopt, you make a valuable contribution. You minimize animal over-population when you adopt rather than buying from a breeder or mill. Every year a more significant number of cats and dogs are bred, which end up on streets or shelters. With the adoption, you save a life and space for the in-need pet.

8- Lifetime Support of Shelter & Rescue Community

The animal rescue and shelter community cares about the animals, keeping in touch with the foster animal parents. The people who work at these shelter homes know the animals better than anyone else. So they can assist the foster animal parents regarding their foster pet behavior and training etc.

Bring Joy to Your & Their Life!

Adoption is the safest option compared to breeders, mills, and stores. Nothing feels more complete than saving an animal and having a full-of-life companion waiting for you. A lot of fur babies are desperately in need of a loving human.

If you're looking to own a pet, make sure to visit the shelters nearby. Adopting them is the best choice you could ever make. It is because you advocate against the cruel practices in this business and promote others to fight against animal cruelty.

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