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7 Autumn Puppy Activities That Your Furry Baby Will Love!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Fall is a beautiful season. The fall season brings cool air, pumpkin spice lattes, and an opportunity to bond with your family and your dogs! There is a long list of interesting and entertaining fall activities to engage our social dogs! If you are looking for fun fall activities, then we've got you covered!

Here is the list of fall things that you enjoy with your furry friend this season!

Pumpkin Patches

Fall season calls for pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin treats, and Halloween pumpkins! It means that you need to pick the best pumpkins from the pumpkin patches. So why not take your little buddy with you for pumpkin picking to pick the cutest pumpkin?

Well, no doubt your furry buddy will still be the cutest of all in the whole pumpkin patch! Do you know that most of the pumpkin farms and corn mazes are dog-friendly? Some of them also organize special dog-friendly activities.

So call some of the nearby corn maze and pumpkin farm to know if they are a dog-friendly pumpkin patch, and take your four-footed pumpkin and have a good time!

Activities in Apple Orchards

Fall is a great time to have outdoor activities with your puppy. One such thing that your dog will love is apple picking in an apple orchard. The cooler weather and beauty of nature boost the playful mood in your furry friends. Apple picking is a whole family that Everyone loves. And it's a fun way to include your dog.

Moreover, the sight of your pooch trying to pick the whole bunch of apples when they jump makes everyone laugh. Once you've picked the apples, you can take your dog for an off-leash walk. The best way to end the day is to make tasty apple dog treats and involve your dog.

Play Fetch and Treasure Hunt

Regardless of the time of the year, all the dogs love playing fetch. Whether you are taking your dog to a park, camping, or prefer spending evenings in your backyard, fetch is one of the all-time favorite things for your pup.

It becomes more fun with all the piles of leaves gathered. With that being said, another exciting fall activity that is dog-friendly and your dog will love is the treasure hunt!

You can plan the hunt in your backyard and invite some of your pooch friends as well. Hide dog treats inside the pile of leaves or under a tree and let your dog sniff through the backyard.

Go For a Hike

Want to have a memorable time with your pup? Then fall brings a great opportunity for it! You can go for a hike with your dog.

Hiking in autumn is best for dogs because, unlike any other season, the new smells, the cold weather, the treats, and less crowded hiking points let your dog hike off-leash.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Just like humans, dogs also love traveling and vacations. If you stay in-house during the summer, then don't sit at home in the autumn. Take your puppy on a weekend getaway to a nearby town.

It's better to take your dog to a dog-friendly neighborhood. One good reason to plan a weekend getaway is your dog loves taking car rides. So stop thinking and just take your dog on vacation this autumn.

If you are looking for pet-friendly vacation rental homes in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, then visit Make your reservations before the peak season!

Plan the Halloween

Halloween is the best part of autumn! And everyone simply loves it - including your dogs too. There's no way your Halloween trick or treating is complete without your dog. It brings a fun dog-friendly activity.

Take your dog to the consumer store to pick the perfect costume for your pup. It is sure to be fun as hell because watching your pup trying cute outfits is the best feeling ever!

If you need some inspiration for dog Halloween costume ideas, search for related posts on the internet or interest! Moreover, you can also play different games that involve pets during the trick-or-treat festivities.

Try Snifarri!

Don't want to take your pup on an adventurous hike or camping this fall? But also want to enjoy the fall fun things with your puppy? Well, then we indeed have something for you!

Try snifarri with your fur friends this autumn. What's a snifarri? It's a pretty simple yet excellent dog-friendly fall activity. You can have this adventure either in your backyard or one of the state's parks.

Many state parks have different plants, including flowers and piles of fall leaves, so it's better to take your pup there. According to a study, allowing your dogs to forage makes them happy.

All the scents of fall make it a perfect time of the year to take your dog on a safari!

And Don't Forget To Snap Photos!

Undoubtedly, the time you spend with your beloved dog is meaningful and well spent. So while you are having fun doing all the fall activities, don't forget to snap great pictures of your favorite team - you and your dog! Because we all know that a picture's worth a thousand words!

So this fall, whether you are staying at home or traveling around with your pup, capture every moment!

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