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6 Reasons Staying at PupPads is Better Than Camping

Camping vs. staying at vacation rentals? Yeah, we've got you; at first, we also thought that there's no comparison between the two. But trust us, we are not talking crazy! While most people think that camping is an enjoyable and wholly different experience, some may think otherwise.

That's especially true if you have children and furry pals!

The decision is easy for a real redneck of the world or someone passionate about private condos and cabins. However, it gets messy for someone who likes both. To make it simple for you, we have put together some compelling reasons why staying at PupPads is better than camping!

Okay, but what are PupPads? You must be wondering. So first, let's give you a brief introduction to PupPads!

PupPads is home rentals for vacation providers. We warmly welcome all our guests irrespective of their species, gender, and sexual orientation. In short, PupPads is pet-friendly vacation rental homes that are also LGBTQ welcoming! PupPads has the vision to make your next trip with your pets more relaxing and comfortable without missing out on the fun! Our vacation rentals cabin are located near prime vacation destinations that make your trip in the town memorable and entertaining.

Now Let's get into why PupPads are better than camping!

Peaceful and Relaxing Private Condos

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of vacation is escaping from your hop routine. No doubt, the idea of setting up the tent and lying under the stars with the soothing sound of nature is relaxing and peaceful. At the same time, getting yourself dirty and the thought of sleeping with insects, mosquitos, and even snakes is disturbing. Especially if you are camping with pets, then say goodbye to a peaceful sleep because you'd have to be on guard all the time.

On the contrary, when you stay at PupPads vacation rentals, your comfort, peace, and entertainment are not compromised. Not just you, PupPads also make sure to make vacations relaxing for your four-footed pets. Whether it's meow, a woof, a parrot, or a rabbit - PupPads give a warm welcome to all.

With comfortable beds and a warm & cozy environment, you don't have to compromise your peaceful sleep after a long day.

Clean, Safe, and Secure

For a clean freak, camping may be a bit overwhelming, especially with covid 19 lurking around us. No one would want to risk their health or make their pets susceptible to the novel Covid 19 virus. So instead of celebrating holidays at your home, you can plan a fun-filled trip to the top destinations in New Jersey or Philadelphia. While you visit these beautiful vacation destinations, you can stay at PupPads without worrying about safety or cleanliness.

PupPads ensure the cleanliness of its vacation homes. When you enter the vacation rental property, you find clean bed sheets, bathroom towels, tidy rooms, and clean bathrooms. We also follow all COVID 19 sops so that our guests can stay healthy and safe. Moreover, our property with a backyard and patio is fenced so that your pet can enjoy the evenings off-leash.

Vacation Inspiration

What's your idea of a perfect vacation rental or an ideal weekend getaway? Some people love to stay at beach houses to go to the nearby beaches. In contrast, others prefer staying at a cabin or Cottage walking from the central city. Lucky for you, PupPads cater to everyone's taste. For someone fond of beach houses near the ocean as a vacation home, PupPads wildwood beach bungalow, located in New Jersey, is a beautiful vacation property.

The beach bungalow is located at a prime location that gives you access to nearby wildwood ocean and beaches. When you come to stay at PupPads K9 Cottage in Philadelphia, there's much to explore. Many pet-friendly parks, restaurants, shopping malls, casinos, beer and winery, and local events happen within the proximity of the K9 Cottage.

Space For Everyone

Each PupPads vacation homes are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living area, and a kitchen. While there's a bed in each bedroom, the living room also has a comfortable couch. It means that you can crash and rest at PupPads' cozy vacation homes with your whole family.

High-End Amenities

When you come to stay at PupPads, you don't miss the comfort of a home. Each PupPads vacation rental property is fully equipped with high-end living amenities for both you and your pets. With fully furnished full kitchens, you can cook your favorite meals even when you are away from home. That's something you can't have when camping.

What makes PupPads vacation rental homes more interesting is the fully furnished living area, dining area, and patio. That's not just all about PupPads. Each vacation home also has a flat-screen television and cable TV so you can have quality time. PupPads provide food and water bowls, litter boxes, chew toys, and beds for your fur buddy.

Private Parking and Free Wifi

Have you heard of the phrase "home is where your wifi connects automatically." PupPads provide you with an accessible wifi facility at their vacation rental house. And that's something you can't have when you are camping outdoors. Nature enthusiasts may find it a way to relax, while someone who loves to post their vacation pictures and updates free on-site wifi is a blessing. Moreover, when you rent PupPads vacation rental properties, you also get free on-site private parking.

A Different Experience

Before winding up our discussions, we agree that comparing camping and planning to stay at vacation rentals is like comparing fire and ice. Each has its pros and cons. As frabjous as camping may sound with friends, camping has its risks when you are with kids and pets. Also, staying in a camp in the cold season is not a very pleasant experience. In the end, it's your personal choice whether to go camping or plan a week's escape at PupPads.

If you end up choosing PupPads for your next vacation inspiration, rest assured our vacation homes are fully equipped for relaxation. When you stay with PupPads, you can easily find many exciting destinations to explore with your loved ones at a walk away.

In case you want to make a stop at any of the PupPads vacation home properties, contact us through our website or inbox us your booking queries on Facebook or Instagram. You can also check the weekly reservation plan for each vacation home on our website calendar.

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