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5 fireworks free vacation destinations to take your pet this New Year

Many people do not like the display of fireworks on New Year's Eve. They consider many Ethical issues. Families with pets and kids search out calm and noise-free places for New Year Holidays. Pets often get afraid of the blasts and fiery displays on New Year's night. Puppies and cats search for shelter and safe places on the fireworks display. So, most pet owners and families with kids need to spend New Year's vacation at firework-free destinations.

This article will throw light on firework-free destinations to take your pet this New Year's Eve. Make sure to go through the whole article to find out the fire-work pet friendly vacations!

West Marin, California

Whether you want an escape from the city on July 4th or searching for a calm place for New Year's celebrations, it is ideal. West Marin is located in San Francisco with beautiful beach life. You can visit Stinson Beach and Dillon Beach and enjoy yourself with your pets and family.

Beach life is the best option in summer. Many beaches like Point Reyes feature pet-friendly trails. Dogs are allowed from the north to the south of the Reyes beach. Similarly, Kehoe Beach and Limantour Beach also welcome pets.

The natural beauty of the destination attracts visitors from all over the world. Many of you run off the illegal firecrackers and firebombs. Here the noise of crackers, sparklers, and ground spinners is strictly prohibited. This firecracker-free zone is an ideal place to spend summer vacation with kids.

Grafschaft Bentheim, Germany

The Bad Bentheim town is a popular destination for its cycling activity. It is located on the border of the Netherlands and Germany. Grafschaft Bentheim Park has multiple options of recreation and enjoyment. Travelers are often involved in enjoyable outdoor activities. This national park is loaded with natural beauty.

The scenic beauty of the city Benetheim attracts visitors. The windmills, water mills, rolling hills, and many other attractions attract the people to the place. However, it is also the house of local festivals and events.

Fireworks are prohibited in Grafschaft Bentheim Park, so spend calm days there. Your dog will feel more comfortable on New Year's Eve. You can experience a natural New Year's night without a fireworks display. Under the starry sky, enjoy your drink with a couple of folks.

Yosemite National Park, California

The park is famous for its waterfalls and scenic beauty in California. Fireworks are strictly prohibited on New Year's celebrations and other events. So, your furry friend will remain calm and relaxed.

At New Year's celebrations, you will find all campsites full. The visitors who arrive first in the park can get the campgrounds of the Tuolumne Meadows and Yosemite Creek open.

All trails for hiking are open within the premises of the national parks. Higher hiking trails are often under several feet of snow. So, the visitors are advised to follow the compass and map to get directions through these trails. You can find a dog park also where your puppy can have great fun.

Early morning arrival in the park may lead towards great fun and other entertainment. However, on July 4th, Independence Day celebrations, the visitors' cars, and vehicles may hang out in the heavy traffic in the park. This fireworks-free destination is ideal for visiting with friends and family to have great fun on the New Year holidays.


Amsterdam has banned consumer fireworks. The news sounds suitable for pets, kids, and office workers. The illegal firecrackers and other forms of sparklers disturb the regular services in the city. The local government has chosen Museum Square to celebrate the New Year. Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. The city hosts a great party. Keeping in view the social distancing, the venue is selected to remain safe from the pandemic COVID-19.

Local authorities will celebrate the New Year with loud music, live music performances, laser shows, and food stalls. The purpose is to unite all citizens and prevent illegal fireworks. However, a professional fireworks show takes place under strict safety guidelines. You can take your dogs, cats, and other pets to the party. Further, the house decorations are also worth seeing. You can visit various restaurants and enjoy the famous food.

Vellee Les Etoiles

Located in Belgium, this park is the best holiday destination. The impressive serene settings include iconic sceneries, landscapes, castles, and historical places. The Belgian village is built up with Bungalows that are worth seeing. Each bungalow keeps its terrace.

In this firework-free zone, the fireworks show is allowed only on the hotel's premises. You can get to good restaurants with your puppy.

It is the country's most attractive and impressive holiday destination where your puppy will be far away from loud bangs and unwanted noise.

However, those who love to enjoy the firework display can visit various desirable places in the West. Lake Tahoe, San Antonio, Coney Island, Tropical Island, Downtown, State Park, and Navy Pier are the ideal places for the New Year holiday. If you want to spend the New Year celebrations near the coast, you will enjoy the beach fireworks. In New York City, the golf courses and lake regions are the best entertainment and outdoor activities.

New York City is loaded with the sounds of bangs, loud music, and noise in the streets on New Year's night. People move to different places to have free sight of fireworks. However, many residents move away from the city to avoid noise pollution and spend New Year's holidays in a peaceful environment.

Pet owners should take extraordinary care of the pets at the New Year event. The puppies are often sick of loud bangs and noise pollution. To keep your puppy calm, it is advised to engage the puppy in different activities. Otherwise, choose any of the holiday destinations where fireworks are prohibited. Pack your luggage and go on with the puppy.

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