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Since the dawn of time, dogs have been one of the best companions of humans. It is not wrong to say that dogs are our best friends. And that’s for a good reason. They love unconditionally like no one else and are exceedingly devoted, kind, & faithful.

So it only makes sense that we treat our dogs like they are our greatest friends; after all, they have earned that title. We can do many things for our dogs to make them (and you) happy.

Therefore, we have created an entertaining checklist of things you can enjoy with your four-legged buddy. So they can feel happy and loved!

1. Book a Hotel That Accepts Pets.

Simply search for dog accommodations to find many places where your dog is allowed to stay. Hotels, log homes, cottages, and adorable glamping tents are all available. Choose one, and enjoy a fantastic trip with your dog.

2. Pick Up a New Skill

Your dog probably already understands how to roll over and play fetch based on how long you've been teaching him. But those are only the most elementary skills you could teach him. In addition, once your dog has mastered the army crawl, salute, and handstand, other dog owners may be amazed.

3. Take a Beach Walk and Picnic

No reason not to plan a great day out playing on the sand now that summer is fully underway. The Fisherman's Cove Nature Reserve in New Jersey, as well as the Brohard Paw Park near Florida are just two of the many dog-friendly beaches in the US that you could visit.

On some days, you'd like to unwind than go after Fido. The issue is that there is a slim chance that the pet will desire to remain motionless for a long time.

The easiest place for you to compromise is at a picnic. You can eat cake and sprawl out on the blanket as he runs around in the grass.

4. Host a Doggie Birthday Celebration

Your dog's birthday should be searchable in his pedigree. However, if your dog is rescued or doesn't have a precise birthdate, you can choose a date that works for you so he can cross this off his dog bucket list.

To avoid stressing yourself over last-minute preparations, it would be a good idea to send yourself your invites and create the cake in advance.

5. Bring your Canine Companion to Work.

Surprisingly many employers today permit workers to bring their dogs to work with them, albeit not all do so for security, hygiene, and other reasons. Why not, then? The workplace pet makes workdays so much more enjoyable and carefree!

In addition to all the attention they'll receive from your coworkers who won't be able to resist caressing your dog throughout the day, your dog will also love the extra hours spent with you.

6. Visit a Store That Accepts Dogs for Shopping Together

You no longer have to leave your animal best friend at home to enjoy an activity you love, like shopping! Even though some establishments, like supermarkets, are still very unreachable to dogs, a larger variety of establishments that don't just cater to pets are starting to pop up everywhere. Before you embark on your big shopping excursion, just check online!

7. Doze Off in the Bed

Your dog may enjoy sleeping on your bed but resist the urge too strongly, or they may stop using their dog bed. Some dogs even attempt to eat their mattresses to spend longer on your bed—a cunning tactic.

Everyone agrees that having your dog lie next to you in bed is one of the finest experiences for both of you, but if your dog starts wheezing, it may be time to remove them from the room.

8-Take Your Breakfast in Bed

Is your dog's birthday today? Or maybe it's just a gloomy, wet morning, and you could both need a little lift? Breakfast in bed sounds like a wonderful way to pamper yourself—and your pet—while snuggling and perhaps watching something comfortable on TV.

If you're good with the hands and working in the kitchen, attempt to prepare a breakfast that will be completely safe for the furry buddy to consume while making it appear that you're both eating the same thing.

These little omelets, these cauliflower muffin pieces, or pancake puffs are a few suggestions for a dog-friendly meal. You might want the same sweets for breakfast or the human equivalent.

9-Swimming in the Ocean and Taking a Boat Ride

The best time to teach Rover to swim is right now if he doesn't already know how. Make the required preparations, such as giving clean water to drink, packing a flotation vest, and setting up rest locations with lots of shade, to make the learning process simpler and safer.

Start in a small water valley, then use a toy or treat to entice him further. Additionally, speaking in a friendly manner and praising someone frequently can be very effective.

You should stop by a lake for a boat trip as soon as you're through swimming in the ocean. However, you must know that not all canines may find the experience enjoyable. To lessen his anxiety over not having his feet on stable ground, you should get him used to the boat well before the trip.

10. Go hiking in a National Park and Camping

Pets are often allowed in nature reserves, but they must be restricted on a leash no longer than 6 feet. This NPS policy is in place for several reasons, but the major one is safeguarding your dog and the park's assets.

Remember to follow good trail etiquette, including following the right-of-way regulations, to prevent any mishaps.

You want to go camping or glamping in the wilderness, but you don't want to leave Spot behind. No issue—just take him with you! That is if he has received adequate training to handle the task. You may want to reconsider camping if the dog has a propensity for stealing food from other campers or barks.

11-Visit a Dog Park.

Getting your pet to interact with other animals in a dog park may be a lot of fun. But by then, you must have developed a firm yet forceful leadership over him. You may be confident that your dog won't turn into a fight magnet by doing this and being alert.

12-Eat Some Dog Ice Cream

Okay, so perhaps you won't want to start eating dog ice cream and will instead choose to stick to your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavors. But now that doggy ice cream has been brilliantly invented; your pet pooch can partake in the frozen delight with you.

You may occasionally get dog ice cream in the freezer area of the grocery store, or you may want to try creating some yourself.


Some of the greatest things to perform with your dog, you should be kept occupied and active with these enjoyable dog activities. Try them out to see which makes them the happiest, and then repeat and alternate between the top choices. Enjoy checking off items on this bucket list with your best friend!

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